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Zero tattoo gallery

Kostas and Mike have been close friends for many years, in fact Mike helped Kostas set up the fabulously authentic Odyssey Greek Restaurant in town. Their shared passion for the finer things in life such as food and art has led to them opening a second venture, Zero Tattoo Gallery.

Walking past Zero Tattoo Gallery, on the outside of the market hall, you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s a fine art gallery. In fact, this is exactly the look they are going for.

“Traditional tattoo studios have been a little on the dark side, we wanted to offer something different and classy. At Zero we want people from all walks of life to come in, feel ‘wowed’ and yet at home,” says Kostas

Kostas and Mike have always had a passion for art, and it shows in the décor. Entering the gallery is a veritable feast for the eyes. The walls are adorned with art created by both local, and international artists and many of the furnishings have been made to order by local crafts people such as Elphius Flux on Crow Lane.

The team consists of Mike, Kostas and local artist, Meg. Meg is a lifelong Cestrefeldian and has been a professional tattooist since 2018. Meg comes from a realism background and has found a love for traditional and neo traditional styles, using colour and dot-work whilst tattooing

“You’ll often find me drawing cocktails, animals, fruits, flowers and anything to make fun tattoos with,” says Meg.

Zero Tattoo Gallery is set across two floors with the ground floor currently being developed into an art gallery. The team have big plans and intend to use this space to support aspiring artists and students from Chesterfield College.

“Downstairs will be our art gallery. It’s our aim to showcase some of the country’s, and Chesterfield’s top talent. We will display and sell pieces by artists including tattooists, ceramicists, fine artists and sculptors, and we intend to work with Chesterfield College to put on regular exhibitions of their student’s work. It’s important to us to do our bit to help Chesterfield’s budding artists and give them a stage to showcase some of the amazing work they do,” says Mike.

Zero Tattoo Gallery offer a unique, 360 experience from consultation to tattoo and aftercare, in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. Whether it’s your first or 30th tattoo, the team at Zero are on hand with expert advice, guidance and of course, an abundance of talent!

So why not pop in for a chat, enjoy the art and make your next tattoo, a Zero tattoo. Oh, and did we mention the coffee is rather good as well?

Zero Tattoo Gallery

Shop 8, Market Hall,

Chesterfield S40 1AR

01246 558275


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