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Aurora Choir

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

Aurora is a group of women who meet to learn and practice A Cappella songs each week. We have an extremely dedicated Operational Director, and an excellent Musical Director, to support and develop our skills. However, we are so much more than that: Aurora is a sisterhood, united by a love of singing, bonding over the joy and care we put into our music. We started out as a group interested in singing, but we have grown into a family ready to support each other through disappointments, sadness, happiness and achievements.

In March 2020 with COVID lockdown restrictions, we became unable to meet face-to-face.

Like many other choirs, our meetings had to be held virtually via Zoom, which was hard as we could not hear each other sing due to delays over the internet, but we kept going. During that time, with the help of Michael Dobbs of Woodborough Video, we managed to create a few virtual performances which can be accessed by the following YouTube links, via our website and the quick codes at the bottom of the page.

In May 2021, we began meeting again outdoors and even entertained a few passers-by. We were really overjoyed to be able to meet face to face for ’normal’ practice in our rehearsal venue on July 19 (2021).

Born from a love of unaccompanied harmony singing, Aurora was founded by Dawn Kelly in 2006. The choir name was originally suggested by a friend, ‘Aurora’ being the Greek goddess of the Dawn.

On 18 September 2021 Aurora was be 15 years old. We normally celebrate by giving a free concert with tea and cake for all who attend, but for the past two years we have been unable to celebrate in our usual way. However, the future looks bright and we look forward to our 16th birthday celebrations in 2022, and to performing in other concerts to support local charities.

Aurora are always happy to recruit new members; there’s no need to read music, as songs can be learned by listening to teacher tracks. So if you or anyone you know is interested in joining our singing sisterhood, please feel free to make contact. You will quickly feel at ease by the very warm welcome and support you will receive.


Text & Image: Aurora Choir


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