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Over the past few months I've received some feedback about some of our advertisers who seem to be doing a good job.

We live in a time when reviews can be bought online so although we might read the feedback online, how much of it is genuine? And what's more without this knowledge we let it unfluence our choices.

At S40 Local we have no online review button for you to press (although there is on Facebook: S40Local). If someone does a good job for you all you can do is tell them, talk to people about it, recommend them. Good news travels fast.

I'm sure the few quotes we have are not unique and there are many more of our advertisers doing a fantastic job. Feel free to let us know and maybe I'll publish the feedback more often.

On the flip side advertiser Simon Chalk from Laterliving now! has been in touch to say how well his early adverts in our sister publication S41 Local are doing. It's great to hear that people are reading the magzines and taking action.

I also love the fact the we still get letters, handwritten notes get immediate attention here at the studio, it's much better fun than opening an email!

Thanks to those who have been in touch and please continue to do so ... by whatever means you choose, although I can't do morse code!

Robert Windle

Joinery & Handyman

Had Robert Windle Joinery & Handyman and he’s absolutely brilliant. Very reasonable, very friendly, happy to do anything and I’ve had several jobs done by him, only small … but I’m absolutely delighted with him and I could recommend him highly.
Thanks, Carol

Dale Montague


We were looking for a competent electrician and turned to your magazine for inspiration, and chose Dale Montague from your small trade adds. We would like to say a big thank you S40 ! .....and just like to pass on a very strong recommendation to other S40 readers.
Kind regards David & Jayne @ Walton.

Simon Chalk

Laterliving now!

We enjoyed early success in advertising with S41 Local, generating enquiries that produced business in excess of twice our marketing spend. Attracting local custom also carries a cost and time saving, and promotes our service to the community, all helping to increase our profitability. Many S40 residents have said that they contacted Equity Release companies advertising nationally, before turning to me as their local expert adviser. S40 Local has been instrumental, connecting me with people in need of sound advice, helping to provide my award-winning service to the community in which I live.


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