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Words: Paul Chapman

Images: Cover Artists

Unlucky for some, 13? We're hoping not at S40 Local as 2022 is the year we turn 13! A teenager. Ok, we don’t mumble (hopefully) like ‘Kevin & Perry’, Harry Enfield’s comedy characters full of teenage angst and we’ve not worn a baseball cap backwards for a few years but perhaps our jeans are a bit too skinny!

This is our 126th edition, that’s quite a few adverts and pages, 9,126 individual pages laid out, 126 deliveries, loaded into my van and dropped off to my fabulous delivery team. It’s kept me busy!

That first edition took me out of my comfort zone, walking into businesses, introducing myself and trying to sell my idea. I’ll admit I wasn’t looking forward to it and was expecting to be shown the door. What I found was completely the opposite, businesses greeted me with a smile, took time to listen, made me drinks and many of these guys I now call friends. One such business owner was Phil from Newbold Bedrooms, he recently took a break from advertising but is back in this edition, thanks Phil for chatting with me that day. In particular, thanks also go to Libby for being so supportive right from the beginning and giving me the confidence to see the idea through.

Looking back at my first edition, 16 pages in total, 20 adverts, three of those advertisers are still with us today; Brampton Brewery, Noble Motorsport and Chesterfield Plumbing & Home Services which you'll find in this edition.

I can’t thank everyone who advertises with us enough. I owe you guys a massive debt, your adverts enable me to pay the bills, pay local people, deliverers, proofreaders, cartoons, crosswords etc, and allows me to keep sharing features about the great people, businesses, clubs, societies, sports clubs and community groups around here.

We now have our sister magazine S41 Local and Simon Paterson has become a great friend, he runs that magazine. We swap ideas and editorial between us and he puts me straight when the ‘Victor Meldrew’ in me steps up! Thanks Simon, for keeping me grounded.

I’ve learnt that you can’t stand still, we need to be on the lookout for the next interesting spread, talking to the next new business and this keeps us fresh.

At West Studios, I’ve met the creative gurus, Defeye Creative, and I'm excited to be working with them on Un-Hampered - an exciting project that will benefit the independent businesses of Chesterfield.

Thank you all for your emails of support, it really gives me a boost when you let me know that you enjoy what we do!

And finally thanks to everyone who has ever mentioned an advertiser you've seen in S40 Local or recommended us - it all helps!

So, 13 years on and things are still moving at a pace, busy, interesting, exciting and enjoyable.

Happy birthday to S40 Local!


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