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Support Those Independent Small Businesses... THEY NEED YOU NOW MORE THAN EVER!

Here at S40 & S41 Local, like everyone, we have been impacted by the Coronavirus outbreak, even I've relocated from West Studios to the dining room!

Presently we have suspended production of printed magazines as, unsurprisingly, we have received a high number of advert cancellations as businesses become concerned about their immediate future.

We are hoping this is a temporary measure but right now we are not sure when we will go to press again and we won't even try to outsmart the virus and offer any possible dates.

In the interim, many businesses are adapting the way they connect with their customers, and through our website and social media channels we'll do all we can to support them and would encourage you to do the same.

Please stay in touch and in the interim we'll use the website to keep you posted of news and events.

Stay well and together we'll get through this.

Paul, Simon and the team at S40 & S41 Local.


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