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Salteria - Cover art

Words: Simon Paterson Images: Salteria

This month's cover artist is Bethany Salt, creatively known as Salteria. Beth is a surface pattern designer with a love for colour and imaginative illustrations.

Beth gets a lot of her inspiration from her day job at Hobbycraft, who just happen to stock some her designs through their inhouse Artisan Programme. Her designs are printed onto fabric and sold online, and in stores across the country. Pretty cool!

Beth graduated from Leeds University and from there went on to hone her skills in Sydney.

“Living in Sydney was one of the best times of my life. I was lucky enough to do an internship in pattern design which made a huge difference to my career and future plans. I learnt so much from the design team and it definitely set me up with the skills to do what I do to this day.”

Beth created two different floral designs for our covers (S41 and S40 Local Magazines) and we absolutely love them.

“Floral designs are my favourite because you can create so much detail and tonnes of interesting little elements that come together to build a busy and bold pattern. I love anything nature related, I think there is so much on offer and it also enables me to be imaginative and create new florals and leafy motifs, I’m always trying to draw a new flower with each design I make.”

Beth’s abstract, colourful style is unique which is very important to her as an artist.

“I have always enjoyed colourful abstract artwork, when I was studying for my degree it was important to develop a style that did not breach another designer’s style. Over time you naturally find a handwriting that is unique to you. Obviously, there are similarities between designers drawing styles, there are only so many subjects you can be inspired by; and so many botanicals or animals to draw, but trying to stay in your own lane and add your own ideas is really important, it's much more fun than being the same as everyone else!”

We asked Beth for top tips for Chesterfield’s aspiring artists and what the future holds for Salteria?

“I would say try and hone in on what you want to do and keep it simple for yourself. Learn as much as you can about what you'd like to achieve and keep researching! I’d also say it’s very important to be willing to change your original plans a little if needed – my original plan was to solely make clutch bags, but that was very limiting so it’s important to be open to other ideas. I also think it’s really important that you enjoy what you do!”

“I hope to be able to keep growing the brand and I’d love to find more places to stock my products around Chesterfield and maybe further afield. I would love to design a homeware range, bringing colourful prints into the home. In an ideal world I’d be clever enough to sew clothing as I have always liked the idea of my prints on fashion garments but I think that’s definitely on the dream list for now... maybe one day!”

Whatever the future holds for Beth we are sure it will be as bright as our front cover!

Visit Beth's website (below) to view and shop for products.

IG: Salteria

FB: salteriaprint

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