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So, the school holidays are now a distant memory…I always love the school holidays as it is a chance for me to spend some quality one to one with Eva. In the past we have done lots from camping weekends in air streamers, and even Disney. However, this year has been very different. Having two children to organise and entertain is a complete game changer and almost impossible on top of working and trying to get the magazine done and delivered! Thank goodness for Grandad Dave, Nana Jackie and Auntie Lynda! They have been absolute troopers in helping us out over the holidays and we really appreciate it, thank you!

This month we were very lucky that we were able to attend Leeds Festival! (shout out to Grandad Mark, Nana Linda and Nanna Wendy for the childcare!) Yes, there really are that many Nanna and Grandads thank goodness. We have been to Leeds festival many times however perhaps not feeling as tired as we are now (Florie still isn’t sleeping through the night). We managed to organise the kids though, pack enough booze for a lifetime (which we barely touched), off we went to Leeds in our wellies and jumpers in the blazing sun (we were expecting rain of course, it always rains). We couldn’t wait to pitch our tent (thanks to Martyn who actually ended up pitching our tent), we watched some amazing music and queued for an hour to pay a ridiculous amount for a pint of beer (I’m not bitter at the cost of the drinks). We had a wonderful time and made some amazing memories with our family and friends, despite the dog eating our tickets, driving with no lights on the way home and almost running out of petrol it was pretty much a stress-free weekend!

This month I have spent a lot of time in bridal shops, who knew it took so many visits to find the perfect dress?? Also, who knew there were so many variations to a white wedding dress? I’m now an expert on sweetheart, A line, princess and cap sleeve. It’s been a pretty magical journey watching someone you care about so much in their element picking a dress they are going to get married in! I’m very excited for the big day!

All in all, we didn’t go on a fancy holiday, but it has been pretty amazing and definitely eventful. I have made some fantastic memories which is what life is all about! I’m very excited for Eva moving up into year 5 and can’t quite believe I have an almost 9-year-old!

I hope you have all had an amazing summer like us and are now looking forward to Christmas! It won’t be long…. I saw advent calendars in Home Bargains this week!

Simon Paterson

Festival season!

Words: Simon Paterson

Images: Simon Paterson & Andrew Haslam

Music is my passion, in the words of Frank Turner (I may have mentioned him before), ‘if music was the food of love, I’d be a fat, romantic slob. Thanks goodness it isn’t, I’m already festively plump and it’s only September.

This summer I have had the absolute the pleasure of attending a few festivals, both local and national. Edge Events put on two fantastic festivals this summer, the first one being the Street Food and Grooves Festival in Chesterfield town centre. Street food is all the rage right now, and, for good reason. Bekah and I went down on the Saturday and sampled some truly scrumptious delights. I visited the guys at Disco Fries and absolutely nailed, in a matter of minutes the ‘Doner Summer’. Perfectly cooked fries topped with slow roasted spiced lamb, feta cheese, chilli sauce and mint yoghurt! OH. MY. DAYS. A few weeks later we went to the Chesterfield Food and Drink Festival at Queens Park, which was buzzing by the way and despite there being about 50 different food options I ordered the Doner Summer, again!

Bekah and I attended the Peakender Festival in Bakewell with my cousin Ross and his awesome wife, Hattie. Peakender is a fantastic little festival by Thornbridge Brewery. My cousin Ross is into his craft beer and writes for a London based beer magazine! He has been promising me, for about eight months now, that he will write an article for S41 magazine, but it remains to be seen (named and shamed). Get your finger out our kid! It’s the first festival I have been to in a while where I don’t look or feel 20 years too old to be there. It was great value for money at only ten pounds per ticket, it’s just a shame the car got stuck in the mud which took six people no less to get it out and cost us a clutch. Ross was happy about this as he got a great Instagram story out of it! New clutch aside I highly recommend you attend Peakender next summer.

What can I say about the Chesterfield Motorfest! I haven’t, no, I have never seen Chesterfield town centre so busy, giving our local, independent shops are well deserved boost. There were automobiles of every variety to feast your eyes upon, with some fantastic live music to boot. I take my hat off the to organisers and a job well done.

Earlier this year I turned 40 (I’m not happy about it) and Bekah got us Leeds Festival tickets. For most of my life I have attended festivals, concerts and gigs, they are my happy place, a moment in time where I am truly present! Aside from watching amazing artists and bands such as The Foo Fighters, 21 Pilots and Youngblud, I get to spend three days with some of my closet friends and just be myself. I am not a Project Manager, an Editor or a father at Leeds festival, I’m just a dude drinking a beer and living in the moment! If you have never been to a major festival, I highly suggest you do. Add Leeds Festival to your bucket list, you won’t regret it. A big shout out to my friend Dale Pashley, who after years of threatening to come to a festival, finally did it and has probably booked next years ticket already!

I hope your festival season was as good as mine!

Peace, love and positivity



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