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Words & images: Simon Paterson

The big news is; I’m now mates with Frank Turner! Well, mates is a bold claim, but he is aware of my existence! But who is Frank Turner I hear you say? Frank Turner is a poet with a guitar, is the voice of my generation and his last album went in at number two, no less! He has been my musical hero for over ten years and I even have one of his album covers tattooed on my forearm! So, how did you meet him I hear you say? (You lot ask a lot of questions). Bekah’s dad is an agent (not FBI, although that would be very cool) in the music business. He had an act on at the ‘Folk by the Oak’ Festival which Frank was headlining. As Bekah’s dad is a bit of a legend, he got us all artist pass wrist bands meaning we got to hang with all the performers for the day, including Frank! Florie was far cooler about this than I was, and Frank seemed impressed to have his photo taken with her! We all loved it, especially Eva as we pulled her around in a trolley for the day!

Bekah and I went to the grand opening of the Derby Tup and met the new owner Rob and his team. I remember Rob from my teenage years as the lead guitarist in a band which was fronted by the late and great Mark Peabody (take it easy up there matey). The place was buzzing, the beer was excellent and we were gutted to leave just before the rhythm and blues band started! We will be back very soon and wish you all a prosperous adventure.

After leaving the Derby Tup we went to check out the Micro pub (Jacey’s) just up the road and got chatting to the owners Steve and Bex. Steve and Bex were lovely and have asked us to mention the fundraiser they are doing for the children of the late Laura Norris. Sadly, Laura passed away and has left four young children behind. Steve and Bex are doing a raffle with some great prizes on offer for a very worthy cause. Please check out their Facebook page for further info.

Because the pub is small, micro to be exact, you can’t help but talk to the strangers next to you. Now, the best thing about talking to strangers, is that they are no longer strangers anymore! We had the best evening chatting to a couple who met in Australia and playing Jenga (shout out to Adam and Steff). I’m sure our paths will cross again, in the meantime you best work on those Jenga skills!

We have done so much this month including a walk to raise awareness and funds to fight cystic fibrosis with Dave Brough and his family, who raised over £300. A big well done to everyone involved, thank you for the invite. To Chesterfield Pride, celebrating our differences which in turn brings unity!

Here’s to strangers becoming friends.

Peace, love and positivity



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