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Bekah Anstey... Eventful!

What a busy month July has been, I’ve covered lots of fantastic events and met some inspiring local businesses. A lovely local business that stand out is Salteria and the fab Beth, a genuinely nice lady that I could have easily sat and chatted to for hours. Go check them out in my Pump & Grind review!

The highlight for this month is getting asked to be a bridesmaid at Simons cousin Becky’s wedding next year, you’re never too old to be a bridesmaid, right? I’m very excited to start wedding dress shopping and getting into ‘say yes to the dress’ mode. The champagne will help too obviously…

I’ve also celebrated my best friends 40th! I’ve known Rachelle for over 20 years, and she hasn’t changed a bit! It was lovely to spend time with her family and we got to go and see The Bodyguard in Nottingham which was fantastic! Happy 40th Year Rach!

We had Eva’s sports day this month that lasted 2 hours (yes 2 hours), Eva is in the juniors now and they take sports day very seriously. In total there was over 30 different races and I think Eva was in 3. It’s a good job I took a blanket to get comfy! She did very well and we’re looking forward to her starting some athletics training very soon.

It's festival season! We went to Folk by the Oak this year with the family, it was amazing! The girls loved it and Simon was in his element as a superfan! The weather was perfect, music was epic and it was just a fantastic family day out. They had lots of activities for the little ones which made the day zero stress! I would highly recommend if you’re looking for a family friendly festival.

We’ve made it to edition seven which I am genuinely proud of, it’s such hard work trying to juggle it on top of work and the children but worth it when we get to do our local hero surprises and give something back to the community. We’ve received some lovely feedback lately which really does drive us so keep it coming!

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