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S40 Local November News...

The £600 Toddle

Wingerworth mothers and toddlers completed a sponsored walk on the 2nd July. The walk was organised by Wingerworth Tots & Todlers and was a huge success raising £602 for Sheffield Children’s Hospital! Mothers and toddlers walked from the parish rooms in Wingerworth, down New Road, past Deerpark school then past the ponds and onto finish at the park! The children stayed in the park to play on the equipment and enjoy some snacks.

Nicola Ambler from Brampton says, "Although the walk was in Wingerworth, and myself, Alfie and the rest of our family live in Brampton, I’ve run the playgroup for numerous years and since Alfie’s shock diagnosis of severe haemophilia last year, the children’s hospital very quickly became Alfie’s lifeline. Raising awareness and funds for the hospital is extremely important to us and we’d just like to say how grateful we are to everyone who took part in the day."

Running in Memory of Kimberley

Words: Dave Trickett

"I am running the New York Marathon on 3 November 2019.

"I have been fund raising for the last 10 years having entered 12 marathons including the Atlantic Challenge, London, Brighton, Chesterfield and Great North. I have been doing this because I was so grateful for the holistic care provided to my daughter Kimberley throughout the 2 year period of illness.

"Kimberley was initially diagnosed with cancer when she was 6 years old and underwent treatment for a number of years. Following the series of treatments, Kimberley was diagnosed with breast cancer on her 18th birthday and was referred to Weston Park Hospital where the Teenage Cancer Trust is based."

It's All Happening At The Old Grammar School

Annual Remembrance Service 2019: Organised by the Old Cestrefeldians' (OC) Trust, takes place at the Old Grammar School, Sheffield Road, Monday 11 November at 10.45am, the service will be conducted by our fellow OC, the Right Rev. Bill Godfrey, the former Bishop of Peru, seen below left with the Archbishop of Canterbury.

It will include readings of war poems and a special dedication to OC brothers, 'Jock' and Billy Wilson, who died while serving in the RAF during WW2. We will also have The Last Post played before the two minutes silence at 11am.

Descendants of any OCs who gave their lives in the service of their country are also cordially invited.

There will be time afterwards to catch up with old friends over a cup of coffee. Trust membership forms will be available, if you wish to support our future activities.

Copies of Philip Riden's book A History of Chesterfield Grammar School will also be available for sale on the day price £35. Cash or cheque only. OCs ties will also be available at £10 each.

Commemorating William E Glister: The Trust has also commissioned a brass plaque to commemorate the outstanding headship of W.E.Glister (affectionately known as 'The Boss) from 1947 to 1968, which will be placed on the wall immediately outside his former study at Sheffield Road. It will join the plaques to other previous Heads and, very appropriately, will be unveiled at around 11.30am by Ms Sheila Glister, the Head's daughter, who is now in her 80s and lives in Sheffield.

Exhibition - The Boys Are Back In School: In the 425th year since we were founded, and in conjunction with the Sheffield Road West Studios, we have also arranged a small exhibition of Chesterfield School artefacts and memorabilia.

This will take place in the Gallery area and run from Monday 11 November to Friday 13 December. Opening hours are Monday to Friday 10am to 4pm and Saturday 10am to 1pm. Tea/coffee available while you browse. Offers of items of interest are invited.

Please email Frank at

Titanic - Refloated

More than 100 years since its sinking, RMS Titanic is being refloated by Chesterfield Operatic Society at the Pomegranate Theatre.

“the musical itself tells the story of the passengers’ hopes of a new life in America. With a cast of nearly 50, I am sure audiences will love this dramatic production.”

On her maiden voyage from Southampton to New York, the “unsinkable ship” slowly sank after hitting an iceberg. It was one of the most tragic disasters of the 20th Century in which 1,517 people, young and old lost their lives.

Based on real people, Titanic The Musical is a stunning and moving production, focusing on the hopes, dreams and aspirations of her passengers who each boarded with stories and personal ambitions of their own.

Operatic society chair Sarah Morrell, who plays the role of aspiring middle-aged American Alice Beane, says the musical is full of stunning music.

“While the story is one of tragedy,” she said, “the musical itself tells the story of the passengers’ hopes of a new life in America. With a cast of nearly 50, I am sure audiences will love this dramatic production.”

Directed by Carole Copeland, Nick Stacey as musical director and Alison Doram as choreographer, Titanic sails at the Pomegranate from November 20 to 23 with a Saturday matinee. Early bird tickets (£16) are available from or £17.40 when the theatre box office opens on October 31.

Chesterfield Garland Dancers

Fancy a go at Garland Dancing? Chesterfield Garland Dancers are always keen to welcome new dancers and musicians to their sessions throughout October and November. Kathy Farr says “If new dancers want to give us a try this autumn, it gives them time to learn some of our dances over the winter months. The dancing out season starts in May, but we practice every week from October to Easter.

Wearing a colourful costume and jangling bells all adds to the fun of the experience!

The main benefits of taking part are learning a new set of skills … definitely good for your brain, especially as you get older!... and also having some weekly dancing exercise which is highly recommended for people who sit at a desk all day at work, as I do.

We are a lovely group of sociable people who also enjoy keeping a bit of our heritage alive. I joined the group two years ago as part of my plan to try new things now that my children have moved on to student life. Wearing a colourful costume and jangling bells all adds to the fun of the experience!

We practise at the Methodist Church Hall, Jawbones Hill, Derby Road, Chesterfield, S40 2EN, on Tuesday evenings 7:30 to 9:30pm, September to April. New members (female dancers and male or female musicians) are always welcome. If you’d like to come along, please contact us first at

For more information, see our website or contact Katrina on 07545 774592.

Text: Kathy Farr.

From Tin Tabernacle to Church Centre Re-roofing Project

There has been a Methodist or Wesleyan church on the site of Storrs Road Methodist Church since the early 19th Century, and the first chapel, a corrugated metal building, was opened in 1841, known locally as the ‘tin tabernacle’. It closed for a while, reopened later in the century by Thomas Irving, a local agricultural merchant. He handed the building over to the Bible Christians who did ‘glorious work’ but it then closed again due, it is said, to the influence of false teaching. In 1892, a small band of leaders and helpers from Old Hall Road Wesleyan Methodist Church took over the building, established a congregation and Sunday School and the work prospered. On 18th July 1899, the foundation stone of the present church building was laid and completed on the 21st Feb, 1900 with a dedication service.

The Church Centre is a busy, vibrant place with a wide range of activities for the church and local community.

This was followed in the early 1900s with the erection of a wooden building where the church centre building now stands, known as the Schoolroom. This was used for youth work, church groups, and social events. In the 1960s this wooden structure was coming to the end of its useful life and it was agreed to build a Community Hall in co-operation with the Local Authority and other local organisations. The land was leased by the church for a peppercorn rent for 28 years on the understanding that at the end of the lease the building would revert to the control of the Methodist Church. The foundation stone was laid on the 6th Nov 1971 by Mr. Phillip Robinson and opened on the 24 March, 1973, by His Grace the Duke of Devonshire. The building was handed back to the Methodist Church on the 25 March 1999 and a rededication service held on the 18 April. A re-development of the church interior was completed in December 2006 and a refurbishment of the church centre interior was completed in 2012.

In 2016/17, a Re-roofing Project for the church centre was started and with the help of Merlin Design and Survey Partnership, tenders were sought and Beighton Construction Ltd appointed. Work started on the 16 Sept 2019, and should be completed by the beginning of Nov. June Partington says 'We've received generous support from fund holders towards the project costs, the Duke of Devonshire’s Charitable Trust, The Chesterfield Methodist Circuit, Allchurches Trust Limited, The Garfield Weston Foundation, Viridor Credits, Councillor J. Boult’s Community Leadership Scheme, plus church members and friends, local fundraising events supported by Chatsworth Road businesses, and all who've supported us".

The Church Centre is a busy, vibrant place with a wide range of activities for the church and local community. This latest project will provide a watertight and improved environment to a building which is a long established, integral part of the Brampton locality and for the benefit of all the church and community groups who meet there.


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