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Reminiscing Valentines

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Odyssey Greek Restaurant for a taste of the Mediterranean on your doorstep.

Whenever we walked past the Odyssey Greek Restaurant on the corner of Knifesmithsgate one of us would always comment how nice it looks, peeking through the windows at the traditional Greek setting awaiting its soon to be happy customers.

So, having worked two full-time jobs whilst raising two children in 2019, I decided it was time for Bekah and me to have a ‘proper’ Valentine’s night out at a classy restaurant and I booked us a table for two at 6pm on the 14 February. I then pictured all the brownie points awaiting me as Bekah took her first bite of halloumi (she always orders halloumi).

After what seemed like a lifetime to wait (five days) it was Friday the 14th February. The kids were at the grandparents and we were on our way to the Odyssey Greek Restaurant. Upon entry we were greeted by a big smile from a young lady who opened the door for us, asked us our names and showed us to our table. Looking around it was like we had stepped through a teleportation portal and landed in Athens! From the beautifully crafted bouzouki hanging on the wall to the authentic tables, chairs and framed pictures of the culturally rich Mediterranean country, it was clear to see the restaurant wasn’t just somebody’s business, but their life and passion!

The restaurant had a warm, communal feel about it like we had been there many times, despite it being our first visit. The place was full of positive energy, a complete contrast and a great break from the miserable weather outside. Just what we needed on a rare, child free evening!

We were quickly handed our menus and wasted no time in perusing them. Spoilt for choice and true to form we ordered the grilled haloumi with fresh tomatoes and a balsamic glaze. The halloumi had a strong savoury flavour, a creamy texture and salty notes. Perfect. On to the main.

I was torn between the Greek meatballs and the pork souvlaki (pork skewers), so I asked the waiter which one he would order. He opted for the latter. He was right to do so. The pork skewer arrived on a white and blue traditional plate accompanied by a homemade, Greek rice recipe. The pork was tender and carefully seasoned with a special recipe. I made short work of the main! Bekah ordered the prawn skewers. I know she enjoyed them as she didn’t speak for the whole ten minutes they were on the table and the plate was spotless when the waiter came to collect it!

For dessert Bekah ordered a coffee as she was full from the generously sized starter and main. I, on the other hand, never miss an opportunity for dessert. Her life expectancy is far higher than mine! I opted for the Kormos which is Greek word for ‘tree log’ and is named after its shape. Kormos is a mixture of biscuits, butter, cocoa, milk, sugar and a bit of brandy. Served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on the top. When it arrived, I knew I wouldn’t be eating this alone! Bekah shared what was the perfect end to a fantastic evening at the Odyssey Greek Restaurant and we look forward to going back very soon. By the way, we also had a bottle of Greek fizzy wine, don’t tell the kids.

Words: Simon Paterson Images: Monkey Business Solutions



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