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Local Walk: Holymoorside

We continue our series of walks and rides with a quiet 3.5 mile stroll along the side of the River Hipper to Holymoorside.

You can call in at the Bull's Head for a drink half way round and top it off with an ice cream from Adam's Happy Hens.

We hope you enjoy it.

  • Starting from the car park at Somersall Park, off Somersall Lane.

  • Walk back towards Somersall Lane, away from the park and cross the wooden footbridge (1) on your left before you reach the road.

  • Cross Somersall Lane and turn left. Turn right through a gap in the field marked with a public footpath sign, just before a driveway (2).

  • Head up the left-hand side of the field, continuing through two fields until you reach a narrow bridge on the left. Cross the bridge (3).

  • Take the path which crosses the field diagonally (4). Go through the first field boundary and head for a gate (5) at the end of the next field. Follow the path straight ahead to reach another gate (6) next to the river.

  • Follow the riverside path going through a gate, a squeeze stile, across a small stone bridge (7), through a squeeze stile next to the river and finally through an opening (8) to pass the tennis courts on your left to reach a metal gate.

  • Go through the gate and turn right, go up the lane to meet Holymoor Road.

  • At this point, you can turn left to go to the Bull's Head pub for a drink if you like, and return to this point or you can continue your walk by turning right.

  • Walk along the road until you reach Pocknedge Lane on your left – an uneven road that heads behind houses marked with a public footpath sign (9).

  • Follow this lane for less than half a mile until you reach the end of the farm buildings. The path turns sharp left then rises for a few hundred yards to a metal gate by a house – go through this gate and follow the lane to reach Chatsworth Road.

  • Cross the road here – directly in front of you is the entrance to Adam’s Happy Hens Farm Shop, where you can choose to stop for ice creams/drinks before returning to this junction. If you are not visiting Happy Hens, turn right down Chatsworth Road.

  • Walk a short way until you’re almost opposite Holymoor Road. Take the footpath on the left through the stone wall (10) which skirts past the hen fields. At the end of the path, turn right over a stone stile (11) - turn left and follow the top of the field and cross over 2 more stiles.

  • Turn right following the public footpath sign, down the side of the field to reach a stone stile – cross this stile and walk towards the end of the next field to a wooden stile. Turn right and head across the top of this field to a stile, through the wall where a yellow footpath arrow points. Turn left and continue down this field through a squeeze style/gap next to a metal gate and then bear slightly right to cross a wooden bridge (12) in the corner of the field.

  • Follow the path right with the brook on your right, and the houses on your left to a path with a fence on your right hand side until you reach Chatsworth Road.

  • Cross the bottom of Westbrook Drive and then cross Chatsworth Road by the bollards to take the public footpath straight ahead that runs behind Brookside Glen.

  • Follow this along the brook to the wooden footbridge and back onto the fields. Keep walking straight forward along the edge of the two fields until you reach the farm buildings – now turn left and retrace your steps back to Somersall Lane, turning left on Somersall Lane and crossing the road back to Somersall Park car park.

Words & Images: Paul Chapman Map: Courtesy OS Open Data


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