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Hard Times

'Hard Times' was a track by The Human League released in 1981. The first real impact of the seriousness of the Coronavirus changes hit me when Heaven 17 cancelled their gig I was due to attend at Sheffield City Hall. Two of the founder members of The Human League were set to perform Reproduction and Travelogue, the first two Human League albums.

This is where it started to sink in, before any government restrictions had been made, whilst we could still live our normal lives.

Week two of restrictions and our movement is restricted, schools and businesses are closed ... it's a strange life - but it goes on.

So, what can we do? Act responsibly is my suggestion, adhere to the advice from government and do what we can to remove the load on our NHS heroes at Calow and other community hospitals. This might be in ways we never thought, for example, we're still allowed to exercise but I'm cycling indoors now!

We've left out the What's On and Regular events as the rules say we're not presently allowed to meet but there are no shortage of ways to fill out time. PE with Joe Wicks, dance with Oti Mabuse, sing with Gareth Malone, all accessible through Youtube or Facebook as well as many local heroes entertaining us.

So, who can stay open? The list from (correct as of 25 Mar) includes, Supermarkets and other food shops, food delivery and takeaway, health shops, medical services, pharmacies and chemists, petrol stations, bicycle shops, hardware shops, veterinary surgeries and pet shops, corner shops and newsagents, off-licences and licenced shops selling alcohol, including those within breweries, laundrettes and dry cleaners, Post Offices, banks, building societies, short-term loan providers, credit unions and cash points, storage and distribution facilities, including delivery drop off points, market stalls which offer essential retail, such as grocery and food, and garages and repair shops.

What is encouraging is the number of businesses who have adapted their trading model. Restaurants who have to close their doors offering delivery or takeaway services, breweries doing delivery, people collecting from Londis and dropping off to those classed as vulnerable or self-isolating, people volunteering to support the NHS, people sharing positivity and love (thanks Simon).

We ask that you support those who are still operating or doing something different, many smaller businesses have seen a massive increase in demand. AND WHEN THIS IS ALL OVER PLEASE CONTINUE TO SUPPORT SMALL INDEPENDENT BUSINESSES. There is room for all businesses.

Last point. This is our 11th Anniversary edition... yes, it's 11 years since the first S40 Local dropped through your letterbox. I never expected two things, one to be still going strong after 11 years and two... to be going online only and stopping print!

And why the cute goat? In strange times like this - if it makes you smile, why not?

Words: Paul Chapman Image: Adobestock


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