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Handle With Care

Seniors Activity Centre

Words: Simon Paterson

Image: Handle With Care

When it comes to a caring, local family business who are experts in their field, there really is no-one better than Handle With Care Training Ltd. Handle With Care is run by Philip and Janet Norcliffe and their daughter Alex Nichols.

The Handle With Care journey started back in 1994, with the aim to provide the highest quality health care training and education available, and they have done just this ever since.

At the time Philip was a Senior Lecturer in Nursing Studies at the University of Sheffield. As the business grew Philip was able to retire from lecturing and work full-time at Handle With Care, alongside Janet and Alex. Together they have trained and educated thousands of individuals over the years to an exceptional standard.

Handle With Care – Seniors Activity Centre

In 2019 with over 25 years’ experience in the care industry and working towards the Dementia Friendly Chesterfield Supporter Scheme, Handle With Care launched their Seniors Activity Centre in Hollingwood with the intention to provide.

Enjoyment, Engagement and Entertainment

The seniors activity centre provides respite for those caring for people with complex needs and is a fully inclusive, engaging environment to be in.

The aims and values of the centre are to:

> Provide a person-centred service for the older person which promotes dignity, respect and feelings of self-worth.

> Provide a family-centred service for people caring for an older person.

> Ensure an environment that is enabling, safe and supportive and wherever possible stimulating.

> Determine where older people’s experiences, strengths and abilities in an effort to identify, encourage and support them.

> Tailor activities for individuals that are achievable, enjoyable, age appropriate and will stimulate communication.

> Develop and offer programmes of support for those who need it.

> At just £40 per day (a £25 half-day option is available), the centre provides morning and afternoon snacks, a two-course meal and activities including reminiscence, music, games, crafts, art, chair based exercise, dominoes, cards and puzzles.

If you or anyone you know would like to more or to book a free taster day, then call Philp, Janet or Alex on 01246 557799.


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