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Grace Box

Grace Box is an initiative that Grace Chapel is running every Tuesday from 10am to 12pm. We are giving away boxes of groceries. We can deliver in emergencies if a person is not well or is isolating because of Covid 19 restrictions. We at Grace Chapel are seeking to reach out into our community to show the love of God at this difficult time. So far we have given out over 100 Grace boxes.

There is no shame in needing help, many have lost jobs because of Covid 19 and people do not need to feel embarrassed about needing help during this current pandemic. Many families are struggling financially.

Grace Chapel is working in partnership with the Love Thy Neighbour (LTN) initiative.

If anyone needs help during this time, please phone or text us on this number 0759 3331294.

Thank you and God bless.

Words: David Maggs

Image: Grace Chapel


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