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Goodbye 2021

I'm not sure 2021 is going down in history as the most positive year. But, at a personal level I decided to reflect and see whether I could pick out some positives.

I know many people will have experienced pain, loss and hardship, but I hope that there are positives to be found amongst these dark days. I took a minute to scroll through my phone images.

In our last edition I looked at images to show why I love Chesterfield. This edition is my positive reflection of 2021!

You'll be unsurprised that my highlights start with my bike leaning against a tree at Curbar Gap in the snow, memories of a great ride out on a fab day in conditions that kept the motorists at home.

An egg butty, using eggs from our hens, lettuce, potatoes and a bread cob, all from Adam's Happy Hens, doing what we can to encourage and support local business.

Edwin Starr's 12" single 'Contact' is something I think we were all starting to miss now, a year in from the start of lockdown, 23 March 2020.

Grass and sky look fab when you take a moment to frame them. I do miss those huge blue skies with no vapour trails!

A typical dramatic Chesterfield sunset, how many of these do we get?

Fresh green lettuce from the market, reminding me of the smiles and banter you get from the team at Ibbotsons.

There is always a tennis ball in someone's pocket when we go on a walk; one of the few places we escaped to this year was the beach, and that ball went back and forth for hours.

Decisions, that blue sky features again, this time on quiet roads, but which way to go, brings back thoughts of playing baby left, baby right!

My kids are constantly amazing me, on a country walk they run ahead and appear in silhouette, and I love the way the hills have layered up in the background on this one.

The joy of seeing a live performance, The Horne Section at Buxton Opera House, slightly off the wall, it was very Morecambe and Wise I thought.

A huge handbag at Yorkshire Sculpture Park, a walk and picnic with friends I'd not seen in ages.

Another cracking sunset, this time in the van's mirror. Sometimes it pays to check the reflection.

I know it might be difficult but why not take five minutes to reflect on your positives.

Goodbye 2021, and here's to a positive and prosperous 2022!


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