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Gavin Holmes

Challenges for charity

Words: Bekah Anstey

Images: Gavin Holmes

I’ve known this month’s local hero for many years but never really ‘known’ him. I’m pleased to say that now after a lot of Facebook stalking, I probably know him better than he knows himself. This month’s Local Hero is the one and only fitness fanatic, expert spinner and Chesterfield’s No 1 runner. Let me introduce you to Gavin Holmes!

‘Gav is an absolute weapon and a true character of showing up and doing what needs to be done’

Gavin is a fitness guru with a difference, he turns fitness into fun and engaging social time that clearly keeps people going back for more. He’s a former education director that puts his teaching experience into developing Chesterfields finest gym goers.

Gavin has really upped his game this year when it comes to charity fundraising, his most recent commitment was to raise funds for JDRF – improving lives, curing type 1 diabetes. This charity is very close to his heart as his nephew Archie has been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.

Gavin has organised and taken part in many events such as a 100mile ultra-marathon (pushing Gavin’s competitive streak to the max!), a 3-hour space themed spin that looked fantastic, a 3.5-hour 26 mile treadmill ‘monsterthon’ and not forgetting a mile of burpees at Stand Road!! Gavin has documented his challenges which makes for a very interesting read – I especially liked the bit where Gavin was hallucinating and thought that a group of bushes around a bus stop were kids up to no good sat on the floor, you can follow his diary at

One of the things I really like about Gavin is that when he fundraises, he doesn’t just do the challenges himself, he involves the local community. He has a following that really support him with raising money and physically being there to help motivate and inspire.

To quote a few huge supporters:

Matt- ‘Gav is an absolute weapon and a true character of showing up and doing what needs to be done’

Chris – ‘No words can convey the effort you put in, total respect for you and your team’

Louise – Archie is an absolute star and so are you for supporting such a great charity.

Gavin you’re a true inspiration for your charity work but also your mindset and determination when it comes to fitness. It’s a pleasure to be able to share your hard work with our S41 community.

To donate to Gavin's cause!


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