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FIVER FEST: 8 to 22 October

Words: Paul Chapman

Images: Totallylocally

Independent businesses coming together to highlight their contribution to the great British high street and Chesterfield is taking part.

Over 100 towns and thousands of businesses across the UK are joining together to bring you very special £5 offers, to highlight the contribution to the economy that local shops and businesses bring. It is also an opportunity for those businesses to say “Thank you” to their loyal customers who have supported them through the pandemic. And Chesterfield is joining in.

The community support for local businesses has been amazing during lockdown, but it is easy to slip back into old shopping habits now that things are returning to normal. So, this is a little nudge to say ‘Our local businesses are still here, we are still serving our community and we appreciate your support. And of course we are great value!”.

Fiver Fest is a free to join campaign, devised and run by Totally Locally, a Grass Roots High Street Organisation that has been helping businesses and High Streets to help themselves since 2010 with incredible results.

Fiver Fest is based around the now famous Totally Locally £5 message: 'If every adult in Chesterfield spent just £5 per week in their local independent shops and businesses, it would mean £20.4 Million per year going directly into our local economy. Which can lead to more jobs, a better high street, a stronger economy and a nicer place to live. Makes you think doesn’t it ?!'

Spending just £5 a week in Chesterfield can make a big difference to our High Streets, the “Fiver Fest” promotes this message.

Totally Locally founder Chris Sands said “Over 100 towns from the North of Scotland to the South coast of England now take in Fiver Fest events on a regular basis. It’s a campaign that sees incredible offers from £5 massages, to £5 veg boxes, £5 walking tours, £5 lunch deals, £5 ghost story-telling, £5 axe-throwing session, and even £5 Scottish dance lessons!

Independent Business owners are really inventive with their offers, and we encourage them to also promote their neighbouring businesses' offers too. Fiver Fest is about everyone working together to promote their town and high street as a whole, instead of individually. If lots of shops have great offers on, the trip to the high street is really worthwhile and fun!'

At the time of going to print, many businesses were still thinking about their Fiver Fest offers but those I do know of are shown opposite. Please look out for Fiver Fest posters between the 8 and 22 October when you'll find many more of Chesterfield's Independent businesses taking part.

Even if you don't see a poster, you can still show your support by trying out a new independent business and spending a fiver (or more) with them.

Happy shopping.


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