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David & Barbara Wallace

Founders of Nenna Kind

Words:Bekah Anstey

Images: Nenna Kind

This month’s Local Heros are a very deserving couple who I have seen supporting events on many occasions, they are the face of The Nenna Kind Centre and always attend local fundraisers to provide a personal touch. Barbara and Dave Wallace, it’s your turn!

the thing I like the most about the centre is that if a service user is just feeling tired and having a low day, they can just drop in to the centre for a sit down and a drink for as long as they want.

Nenna Kind was established back in 2010 by Barbara and Dave at the request of their daughter Helen. The centre is named “The Nenna Kind Centre” after Helen Hinde, Nenna because her niece couldn’t say Helen and called her Aunty Nenna, and Kind because a little girl at the pre-school Helen worked at thought her name was Mrs Kind and so she got nick named “Nenna Kind”. Sadly, Helen lost her long battle with cancer in January 2011, but her legacy will live on through the centre, where they hope to give help and encouragement to all who are affected by cancer. Their first challenge when setting up the centre was to find premises, furniture and all the other things needed to make it a welcoming and comfortable place. With the support of Barbara and Dave’s family and friends this was achievable, and the cancer support centre was launched. Now it’s all well and good having premises and inspiration, however, they required many volunteers in order to offer the services they wanted at the centre. They had to be right for Nenna Kind, they wanted people that could empathise with those affected by cancer, so that they could support through active listening and understanding with the centres service users. Barbara knew it would be difficult to understand concerns, fears and emotions of a cancer sufferer if you haven’t had personal experience. Lovely volunteers came forward, and they now have eleven volunteers and six therapists, without whom the centre wouldn’t exist! Not only do the volunteers listen to clients and give therapies, they also muck in and support with running the centre, even down to cleaning the office and modelling at fashion shows! Nothing is too much trouble and every task is undertaken with a smile. Barbara and Dave cannot begin to express how grateful they are, but I’m pretty sure they all know!

Nenna Kind provide lots of services and benefits advice through Derbyshire Workers Rights, alternative therapies such as healing, reflexology, massage and shiatsu. But the thing I like the most about the centre is that if a service user is just feeling tired and having a low day, they can just drop in to the centre for a sit down and a drink for as long as they want.

David and Barbara were nominated for this month’s local hero award by Helen Plumb

Barbara and David set up the charity to help others diagnosed with cancer. Their help is appreciated by all, the comfort that Barbara and her team give is amazing. There are activities for everyone within the centre, they provide transport to Weston Park for all patients which is a big support. It’s simply an amazing charity.

In addition to the services provided within in the centre is a free bus service to Weston Park hospital. David himself is one of the drivers and has taken 100’s of cancer sufferers to numerous medical appointments over the years. A special mention has to go out to the Jarvis family and in particular the late Phil Jarvis. Their tireless fundraising has enabled Nenna Kind to purchase and run a second mini bus!

Barbara and Dave it’s clear to us here at S41 Local that you have a huge impact on the lives of others, without your help patients and their families would not be able to access lots of support that make the dark days manageable and we cannot thank you enough.


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