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COVID Procedures Continue

Ashgate Hospicecare

Ashgate Hospicecare asks for the community’s understanding as it keeps visitor restrictions and infection control measures in place to keep patients safe.

Following the most recent COVID guideline changes, Ashgate Hospicecare have said they will be retaining their infection control measures, which have worked so well up to now, preventing the spread of the virus and helping keep patients, families, staff and volunteers and the wider community safe.

This means the charity, will continue with two named visitors per patient, temperature checks on arrival to their Inpatient Unit and their staff and volunteers wearing face masks in all their hospice settings, including their 14 shops and three coffee shops. Shoppers will also be encouraged to wear a mask when shopping with Ashgate to help protect the wider community.

Barbara-Anne Walker, Chief Executive at Ashgate Hospicecare, said: “COVID is far from over and that is why we will continue to operate with strict COVID measures in place to minimise the risk of spreading the virus."

Vaccine uptake amongst staff and volunteers at Ashgate Hospicecare has been overwhelmingly positive allowing services to remain safely open and for patients to continue to be cared for.

Barbara-Anne, concludes: “It would be irresponsible for a hospice like Ashgate to start easing off on the vigilance which has protected us so well until now, especially as Covid numbers are once more, on the increase.”

Find out more about Ashgate’s response to the pandemic and the latest visitor guidance.


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