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Boys and their toys

Conor Graves' latest photography project

I am an aspiring documentary photographer who graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University last year. My practice is heavily based on documenting various aspects of life often revolving around the mundane and banal which ordinarily go unnoticed, making the normal appear ‘abnormal’. Being from a typical working class British background, I have a huge interest in Britain as a whole, this having a huge impact within my work and my way of thinking, as the projects I create revolve around British elements and landscapes.

'I am at war with the obvious.'

William Eggleston

My most recent project sees me exploring the widely used phrase 'boys and their toys'. This implying that adult men sometimes dote excessively on machines, automobiles, and gadgets. I aim to explore this by documenting the men with their 'toys' as this interests me greatly, as well as having potential to be a great project. This is currently ongoing as I am finding it difficult to find subjects to photograph. If you you are reading this and have a 'toy' or know someone who does, please send me an email via my contact page on my website.

Words & Images: Conor Graves


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