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Welcome:Mark Parkinson

Whitecotes Primary Academy in Walton Peak, Chesterfield, has welcomed a new headteacher who brings a new energy and vision to the school

Mark Parkinson previously worked as Head Teacher at Dunstan Primary & Nursery School in Chesterfield and brings considerable experience to his new role. He said, “This is an extremely exciting time for Whitecotes Primary Academy and for me personally. The school recently joined the Flying High Trust, one of the top five performing primary multi-academy trusts in the country, and by working closely with their team, this wonderful school will go from strength to strength.”

Mark says he is joined by school staff in the new vision for the school. “It is my firm belief that all communities should be served by a school that gives children the very best education, instilling aspiration and self-belief. The children are at the heart of the community and will be at the centre of every decision my school makes. I am thoroughly looking forward to working with parents to build positive relationships to bring this community a school they can be proud of. My aim is to deliver the best learning experiences possible, opportunities children are entitled to, and an education which creates memories and knowledge to equip pupils for life.”

The school will undergo some additional changes including a change of name to 'Walton Peak Flying High Academy’ from September 2021 and will provide each child with a free jumper with the school’s new name to start the academic year.

Nick Layfield is Operations Manager for the Flying High Trust and said, “Alongside the relaunch of the school as Walton Peak Flying High Academy, we are investing heavily in the school environment. Over the summer holidays the outdoor early years area is going to be totally transformed into a vibrant, fun, engaging and purposeful space.

“We will also be working on other areas of the school with the help of the site manager, Martin, who is doing a fantastic job to freshen up the school. With the investment in the site, the community will have a school to be proud of.”

Head Teacher Mark Parkinson said, “We will make any necessary improvements to provide our pupils with an engaging curriculum. Children will develop the knowledge and skills to succeed in life and we will be embedding a growth mindset to help develop their resilience. We know how important the school is to this community and we will strive to ensure we serve it well by providing children with the best possible education, - one that they will enjoy and remember throughout their lives and beyond Walton Peak.”

Words: Press release from Whitecotes Academy


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