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Virginia (Ginny) Chandler

We catch up with Ginny Chandler, local artists and international exhibitor.

When Ginny Chandler isn’t quenching her creative thirst you will find her volunteering at West Studios, the home of S40 and S41 Local Magazines or facilitating rock painting with toddlers at the Monkey Park Café. We caught up with this month’s front cover artist to hear her story.

Ginny, at what age did you know you wanted to be an artist? "As soon I could talk, I was drawing; I get a pure and natural high from creating. I’ve recently read through my primary school reports and every teacher mentions I have an eye for colours. I have been using art as a personal therapy throughout my life and love, love, LOVE being an artist."

Just to clarify, you love being an artist? Haha. What has been your favourite piece to-date? "This is my fave painting, I painted this for my degree show (below) and it was one part of an installation I made called “The birds and the bee’s”, in front of the paintings in the installation I had sewn together seven magpies and bee’s using fragile paper. Exploring the fragility of childhood."

How do you come up with something like that, how does your creative process start? 'I build layers and experiment using different types of paints, oils and water-based paints. Glitter, plaster, sequins etc to build texture. The layers form their own narrative of mirroring life’s ebb and flows over time."

Where or who do you draw your inspiration from? "Colours, light, reflecting light and nature inspire me to re-create these, intense, vivid scenes."

What would you be doing if you weren’t an artist? "I couldn’t imagine myself as anything else other than being an artist, it’s such a big part of my life. I’ve always worked part time to support myself and have really enjoyed roles where I worked with people who have a learning disability or autism."

So, if you couldn't give to the world through your art, you would do it by helping those in need. How did you come up with your unique painting style? "I came up with my painting style through years or exploring textures, paints, colours and layers in trial and error. I’m constantly learning and hopefully developing."

What's your favourite spot or place to visit in Chesterfield? "We moved to Chesterfield in November and I love living here, I feel so creative from all the lovely countryside and friendly people. I'm still exploring the area; Linacre reservoir is beautiful. There’s a lot more I need to explore!"

Welcome to our beloved town. We are very lucky to have you. Where did you learn your craft? "I studied Fine Art at West Nottinghamshire College and at 17 I moved to Liverpool to study a BA in Fine Art at Liverpool John Moore’s University, I loved living in Liverpool so I stayed there for 12 years. I exhibited internationally in France and Sweden, and nationally across the UK."

International artist, pretty cool! Where can we next view your work? "I have an exhibit coming up at West Studios from 2 to 23 August 2021, I’d love to meet some of your readers there."

Thank you for letting us feature one of your beautiful pieces on our front cover and we hope to see you at the exhibition in August.

FB VirginiaChandlerArt

IG virginiachandlerart

Words: Simon Paterson

Images: Ginny Chandler


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