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Unhampered: Update

After an exciting launch it’s been a busy month at Un-hampered. Started by a couple of companies that have a passion for our town, S40 & S41 Local and Defeye Creative. Phase one is a directory of Chesterfield’s fabulous independent businesses, the shops, restaurants, food suppliers and so much more, all in one place.

Initially we had around 90 businesses listed and today (it’s a moving target so please bear with us) there are around 130.

I’m going to say it again, but I can’t thank Matt, Phil, Tom and Steve, the team at Defeye Creative, enough for the fantastic job they’ve done, creating something that's easy to use and looks like it belongs to the businesses.

Only problem is with designers and creative types, they’re never happy with what they’ve done and always want to improve! So, it might surprise you to find that we’re already at version two. If you’ve not checked it out, please do, and use it to find a new local business, step away from those large corporates and give some love to the small guys.

Any business these days need a social media presence and Un-hampered has seen people following its Facebook and Instagram pages increasing slowly. Instagram was helped by our ‘Fancy a round on us?’ giveaway that saw people telling us at which great independent venture they’d like to meet up with their friends and who they’d take. Congratulations to Ellie Middleton who will find a £50 bar tab at The Junction bar - her chosen destination. Look out on Instagram for pics from Ellie, hopefully raising a glass to independent businesses! Thanks to everyone who took part and if you want to be in with a chance of snapping up further giveaways be sure to follow us on socials.

We also managed to get a mention for Un-hampered and Chesterfield’s independent businesses on BBC Radio Sheffield! I was called by Saria, a researcher for Toby Foster who wanted to know about Un-hampered, why we’d done it and what we can do to encourage people back on to Chesterfield’s High Street! I had a great chat with Toby and if you fancy a listen visit Facebook, either Un-hampered or S40 Local where you’ll find an audio clip.

Phase 2

We’ve discovered that not every independent business fits the 6 categories we have, so we’re adding Services, Outdoors & Leisure, Health & Wellbeing and Entertainment & Activities.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be adding businesses to these to make the site even more useful to even more people.

Phase 3

The original idea for Un-hampered was an online shop that brought Chesterfield's independent businesses under one roof, with the simplicity of shopping at a large department store or supermarket, the difference being they are all from town!

We’re aiming to have an early trial for this at some point soon, and after the positive response we’ve seen to Un-hampered so far, we’re excited, VERY EXCITED!

Stay in touch with what we’re up to and follow us if you’re not already.

Until next time.

Matt Pritchard (Defeye Creative)

07969 740357

Paul Chapman (S40 Local)

07764 801080

FB unhampered

IG unhampered_chesterfield


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