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The Kicklips

Talk haircuts, influences and their gig highlights

Words:Simon Paterson

Image: The kicklips

Having recently had a track played on the TV show Tattoo Fixers, played Tramlines, Ynot and the Isle of Wight festivals, I thought I'd better interview the Kicklips before they are too big for a local community magazine! They are a three-piece band from Dronfield consisting of:

Beck Harley on bass and lead vocals, Mo Ghani on guitar and Dan Siddall on drums.

Who came up with the name the Kicklips?

Beck: Mo and I came up with the name The Kicklips one night in The Dronfield Arms; we thought it far beat our original name, 'Poems For Children'.

Mo: Just for the record – I had nothing to do with that dreadful pre-Kicklips branding.

'Poems For Children' would cause real problems for parents using Spotify when your adult, rock and roll anthems start playing!

How did you guys meet?

Beck: Mo and I have known each other for around 13 years – having met in the first year of primary school.

Dan: I got in touch with the guys over Facebook after seeing their advert looking for a drummer around two years ago now.

I bet Beck and Mo have some good stories to tell having grown up with each other! I look forward to hearing some of these on the Late, Late Show with James Corden.

What’s your song writing process?

Beck: Bloodshed, shouting, tears, and the occasional Greggs.

Mo: Beck usually comes into the rehearsal studio with a few songs written, tries them out with us, throws out most of them, and we end up with a tune or two.

Who are your biggest musical influences?

Beck: Will have to be Elvis Costello, Jarvis Cocker and a fair bit of John Lennon.

Mo: Metallica, Hendrix, and Pink Floyd are the big three.

Dan: Toto are definitely a big one for me.

Toto were quite big in Africa for a while!

How would you describe your sound?

Mo: We like to use the term ‘Garage Rocknroll', but we’ve been described as ‘indie’ before.

Beck: Yeah we don’t really like the term ‘indie,’ as it’s gets thrown about far too much. I’ve heard Oasis and George Ezra described as ‘indie’ in almost the same breath – what’s that all about?

Oasis, definitely, maybe, could be rock and roll stars (you see what I did there).

Who has the best haircut?

Beck: Mo.

Mo: Beck.

Dan: Me I guess – but definitely Mo.

I love it how Beck said Mo but clearly thinks it’s himself. Hair like that doesn’t manage itself, Beck!

Where have you performed, and which is your favourite gig of all time?

Mo: We’ve played all over really – when we first kicked things off we were bouncing around Sheffield venues like Plug, The Leadmill and Café Totem, but since then we’ve been on two tours and hit festival season. The best gig for me so far must be either the Lincoln date of our February tour, at The Engine Shed, our recent hometown headline show, or Ynot Festival 2018.

Beck: The favourite for me would either be our recent Sheffield headline or Isle of Wight festival this year.

Dan: Definitely Ynot 2018 so far.

Ynot and the Isle of Wight festival are pretty big names… I have to say I am very jealous.

What advice do you have for people who want to form their own bands?

Mo: Just do it. Don’t try too hard to be something specific; you don’t want to end up looking like a tribute band.

Beck: Don’t worry about looking stupid, because that’s inevitable.

What’s the craziest thing that’s happened on tour, please bear in mind that your parents read this?

Mo: Blackpool. Need I say more?

Beck: I mean I got a fine for going in a bus lane in Nottingham. I’d say that’s pretty rock'n'roll.

Dan: Beck accidentally stole my wallet in London and it almost caused World War III.

And they say rock and roll is dead!

If you could collaborate with anyone past or present who would you choose?

Beck: I think I’d donate my left leg to an Oxfam if it meant I could have a sit down with Elvis Costello.

Mo: Almost certainly Pink Floyd.

Dan: Gotta be Toto.

I’m with you here, Mo. Pink Floyd is a good shout.


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