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The Greatest Wealth is Health

From CBD to infrared saunas, 360 Wellbeing has it all.

Health & Wellbeing is at the forefront of everyone’s mind right now. I was eager to meet some of the team at the 360 Wellbeing Centre on Chatsworth Road to hear what services they offer and how they help the communities of Chesterfield, by offering a range of traditional and progressive treatments, products and therapies.

I caught up with Samantha, Kelly and Andrew at 360 Wellbeing.

How did 360 Wellbeing get started? It’s quite the venture…

Kelly: I met Samantha and Andrew in 2019 when they were referred to me by a friend. They were seeking a professional nutritionist, one who would understand their supplement range and add value and expertise to the business. After meeting with them and going through their product range and plans, I was completely on board!

Samantha: I personally fell into this world from being in a corporate environment and having very much a structured mapped out life. Sadly, I lost my father and little dog very quickly and wanted some help with the grieving process. This brought me into the wellbeing world, I needed to understand and improve my own wellbeing, both mental and physical. Finding the help I needed wasn’t easy, so I wanted to support the residents of Chesterfield by making it accessible at a local level.

Looking at the wide range of qualifications and experience the 360 team has, it’s clear they have all the bases covered from Registered Nurses and Counsellors to Clinical Directors, Colon Hydrotherapists and Psychotherapists.

Kelly, you are the Head Nutritionist here at 360, what does your role consist of and what is your approach to Health & Wellbeing?

Kelly: My speciality is working with the gut. I am very passionate about advising people on how to nourish the body. It’s not just about weight management or counting calories. I advise on how to nourish the body to repair it, ensuring we get the best performance out of it. Whether you are a top-class athlete looking for marginal gains or just want more energy during the day, I can help you.

From what I understand everything is tied into the gut?

Kelly: That’s right, the gut has a huge impact on not only your physical, but mental health, playing a vital role in the brain's functionality. It’s important to not only consider what you eat, but also how you eat it. There’s a famous phrase ‘you are what you eat’. That’s not strictly true. It would be more accurate to say, ‘you are what you absorb’. You may have a good diet, but if you aren’t absorbing it you won't feel the benefits. My one tip would be to eat what’s around you, what’s in season. Juicy green salads are great in the summer months.

Walking into the 360 Wellbeing Centre has an instant calming effect, from the quirky sofas and table, to the hand painted art on the wall by talented local artist Sally Ginger Illustrations. It’s clear on that a lot of love and thought has gone into the décor, making it a place you want to visit time and time again.

What can someone expect from their first visit to 360?

Samantha: At 360 we believe in starting at the beginning. When you walk through the door we ensure we go through everything we offer, how we can help you and take the time to get to know you. The more we know - the better we can help you, and we can help everyone. A lot of people come in here because they want help with getting to the bottom of something, whether it’s regular headaches, IBS, insomnia, menopause, depression or aches and pains. A good place to start is with an intolerance and blood test. Our testing is amongst the best in the world and something we are very proud of. The information we get from both these tests enables us to treat most things with excellent results.

The 360 Wellbeing Centre has the only infrared sauna in the region. What are the benefits of an infrared sauna?

Kelly: The infrared red penetrates deep into the muscle tissue, increasing the blood flow and encouraging the muscle to repair quicker. We had one lady in who had been in a car accident, she had tried everything to reduce the pain in her back. Naturally, she was sceptical when entering the sauna. When she came out almost completely pain free, she couldn’t believe it! One of our local running clubs use the sauna and a couple of runners have seen this reduce their times by over a minute!

Having such a broad spectrum of knowledge at 360 you have been able to design and produce your own range of products. Tell me a bit about what’s on offer.

Samanta: As mammals we can have a lack of CBD, which is a cannabinoid found in all animals. CBD can have a positive effect on pain relief, seizure prevention, anxiety and depression etc…We are running a road show, when it is safe to do so called ‘CBD and ME’ which helps people understand CBD, which one is best for them and how much to take etc… Our Nutra 7 supplement consists of seven key ingredients that improve mental health, boost blood circulation, aid weight loss, improve sleep quality and protect you from illnesses such as the common cold, amongst other things.

Vitamin boosts seem to be all the rage in Hollywood right now, with celebrities such as Brad Pitt, Madonna and Simon Cowell swearing by them, and let’s be honest they look pretty good. This is something you offer here at 360 isn’t it?

Samantha: We offer a range of intravenous vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

Medical professionals have been using these since the 1960s to increase people’s energy levels, detoxify the liver and kidneys, speed up the metabolism and improve hair and nail health. I think the A-list celebs have vitamin boosts as it slows down the ageing process!

After chatting with Samantha and Kelly it’s clear that the 360 Wellbeing Centre is here to meet the needs of the local community by supplementing traditional health care. Their flexible, progressive approach will have a positive impact on its service users. 360 is a most welcome addition to the town and I am sure it will be here for many years to come.

The 360 Wellbeing Centre are offering a FREE health check to all our readers consisting of:

  • Blood pressure

  • Body Mass Index

  • Pulse rate

  • Height

  • O2 Levels

Simply call and mention S40 and S41 Local Magazine to start your journey to health & well-being today.

Call: 01246 938948 or visit

Words: Simon Paterson

Images: 360 Wellbeing Centre


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