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The Chesterfield Vocal Studio

Words: Simon Paterson Images: The Chesterfield Vocal Studio

From stadium performances, The Royal Albert Hall to recording her own album, Laura Alsop has done it all. Now, armed with a plethora of qualifications and a passion for teaching, Laura has launched the Chesterfield Vocal Studio.

The Chesterfield Vocal Studio combines Laura’s passion for singing, her talent for teaching and a state of the art technical set-up.

Music is my thing, so when Laura invited me down to the studio, I jumped at the chance.

Upon entering the studio, you can see the amount of work, expense and love that has gone into it from the off. It’s the kind of place you’d imagine Beyonce recording her next album. The décor is modern, clean, professional yet welcoming and comfortable. Laura’s partner Richard has to be credited for this amazing set up, which was two years in the making! He has a wealth of experience as a musical equipment technician and is a full-time electrician. What he doesn’t know about tech, isn’t worth knowing!

All this tech and Laura’s array of qualifications means The Chesterfield Vocal Studio offer a variety of services:

Vocal coaching

Vocal diagnosis

Performance coaching

Recording studio sessions

Audition preparation

Vocal health and problem correction

Showreel creation

Singing exams and qualifications

“I have worked hard to obtain the relevant and required qualifications to register the Chesterfield Vocal Studio as an official centre for educational learning. This means my students can obtain professional singing qualifications, which I am super happy about. We offer these in person and remotely as well,” says Laura.

I asked Laura, who is vocal coaching for?

“It is for anyone who likes to sing and wants to improve, from complete beginners to seasoned professionals. I can help experienced performers manage their vocal health, utilising safe vocal techniques. Children as young as five can come to the studio and sing songs like the wheels on the bus, learn to count rhythm and have fun!"

Tell me about the kit you have you in here?

"We have the teaching space and the recording studio. The recording studio is a fully equipped, soundproofed vocal studio. We cater for a variety of acts from solo performers to small bands. Not only do we have the audio recording facilities, but we also have visuals. This means we can create showreels or audition tapes. All our lessons are fully recorded and sent to the students so they can reflect and enjoy them any time. It’s a great tool for learning."

Laura had a huge smile on her face from the moment I walked in. It’s clear she loves what she does and it’s inspiring to see someone who has worked so hard for their dream, achieve it!

The Chesterfield Vocal Studio is open and ready for business and I think a visit to see Laura would make an amazing Christmas present! Be sure to get it booked quickly though as clients are already singing at the door for entry.

To book in with Laura or to find out more, you can contact her on:

07795 510337


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