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Sue Dickins - Cover Artist

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

West Studios: Mon 8 to Fri 26 August

Words: Paul Chapman

Images: Sue Dickins

Sue Dickins is a Chesterfield artist who works from home where she lives with her 17 year old son, Ben. Ben helps and supports Sue as well as attending college himself.

Sue retired from Derbyshire police-force several years ago after struggling with mental health issues; she has a bipolar condition that is now managed with the help of medication and a local Bipolar UK support group. She still has manic episodes but these are now manageable and care when her best pieces of art are produced!" she admits.

Sue decided to exhibit her work for the first time at West Studios Chesterfield this year. She has been working on new figurative oil paintings that will form part of the exhibition. This is a collection of portraits that each tell a story portrayed through her painting rather than words; she uses different fabrics and clothing to do this.

"For example, the piece 'Tree of Life' (framed on the cover), shows a beautiful Tree of Life throw draped over the model, one of Sue's friends, which symbolises strength and growth, something that her friend has shown in abundance over the past few years," explains Sue.

"The women who kindly pose for me are special friends who all have a story to tell and have agreed to help and offer their support to this project, the results now to be exhibited at West Studios," says Sue.

She strongly believes that art can bring people together and tell a story that words alone cannot do.

Several of the paintings, all completed using quality oils on stretched linen will be professionally framed by a local company, Abi Framers, Chesterfield and will be available to buy. Also available will be signed and numbered limited edition (50) giclee prints, presented with a 3 inch off white mount ready to frame.

Alongside her new figurative collection will be a number of equestrian and wildlife paintings that have been completed during the last four years, subjects that she is passionate about.

Sue has won competitions and awards for her portraits, figurative and equestrian pieces over the years. Last year she was a finalist in a nude art worldwide competition, involving 26 countries. Her portrait titled 'Solitude' placed in the top four. The Artist Lounge book, featuring Sue's work will be on display at the exhibition alongside the original painting.

Please get along to view these paintings and meet Sue for a friendly chat.


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