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Words: Simon Paterson Images: Spire Spooks

Walking through town last month we happened to stumble across a miniature ghost figurine. Keen to know more I launched my own investigation and after some sterling detective work (the likes of Poirot would be proud of), I found Spire Spooks on Instagram.

Spire Spooks is a local lady who wishes to remain anonymous (very mysterious) but was more than happy to answer my questions. Below are the findings of my investigation:

Who is Spire Spooks and what is the purpose of this project?

"I am a local artist here in Chesterfield and my aim is to spread the 'spirit' of happiness. I do this by hiding model ghost figurines in town for people to find, along with a little note attached to each ghost that wishes the finder good luck and happiness."

Do you make the ghosts yourself?

'I make all of the ghosts myself, and I have my own moulds which give the ghosts a unique form. Then they are all hand painted and glossed. Very recently I partnered with another local artist to make a highly detailed tattoo art ghost, which we are planning to auction off for charity."

Can we keep the one we found?

"Some people re-hide the ghosts for other people to find, and some people take their ghost home to keep as a talisman, either option is encouraged."

Do you have any plans to sell your creations?

"I do sell the ghosts at artisan markets (Chesterfield), but I have never been in this to make a profit. Local artisan markets are a good way to gain more interest and popularity. It also allows me to raise some money to buy more equipment to continue making ghosts ready to hide. I wish only to bring smiles to people who might happen to stumble across a hidden ghost whilst out and about in Chesterfield Town. I often receive messages from people who live elsewhere, or who cannot find a ghost asking if they can purchase one from me. I always want to make people smile so I always do my best to get a ghost to everybody who wants one."

Will you reveal your true identity to our readers?

"I wish to remain anonymous, and so I go by my job title only - The Grim Reaper. I also use disguises when hiding these ghosts and when I make videos and attend local markets with them. I'm not here for personal followers or recognition. I simply wish to create a bit of joy and happiness in the world."

I love this social action project. There are good people out there doing great things, we just need to look for them!

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