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S41 Family Catch Up

Bekah Anstey

Words & images: Bekah Anstey

Just another manic... March

March is always a very busy and tiring month for me with Young Enterprise, I have the Company Programme Competitions that take place in the Chesterfield Library and The Winding Wheel that I absolutely love, it is the highlight of my working year! It’s very exciting as the students get to experience a ‘Dragons Den’ style interview, the judges can be tough, but we all know the world of work is tough so let’s give these youngsters some real experiences. (I’m aware that by saying ‘these youngsters’ makes me sound extremely old) It’s a great way of developing some fantastic employability skills and also plants a seed to start their own business which I’m all for!

The absolute highlight and most important event for me this month was the birth of my beautiful little niece Penelope. After a 30 minute labour (i'm not bitter about this at all compared to my 10 hours..) my sister Gracie and Uncle Jon Jon welcomed a healhy 5lb 1oz baby girl. I've had lots of lovely snuggles and I can't wait for our girls to grow up together.

I had the absolute joy of ‘date night’ recently which ended up in me meeting a fab new friend from Bloom Beauty Room, catching up with some old ones and hardly speaking to Simon the whole evening, this is standard for us as we’re both social butterflies. We go out and spend all night meeting lots of new people, making friends and catching up. This ‘date night’ was vital for our health this month, we’ve been working hard trying to get lots of lovely articles and news for you to read on top of our full-time jobs. A few real ales and an espresso martini from Liam at The Society of Coffee was exactly what we needed. Thanks Liam!

It’s Florie’s birthday this month and we’ll be off to CBeebies land to celebrate, I did consider a big fancy party but thought it was a bit excessive seeing as she won’t have a clue what’s happening and as long as she has some broccoli, her family and possibly a few milk feeds thrown in she’ll be a happy girl (she absolutely loves broccoli) I can’t believe it’s been a year since the very horrific but rewarding day of ‘child birth’ Simon and I both shudder at the thought of the birthing pool and the first few nights at home.

This month I’ve loved meeting lots of new people and finding out more about our S41 community and all it has to offer. It’s been good to hear from some of our regular advertisers and the amazing impact their adverts / articles have had on their business.

I hope you enjoy this edition, please get in touch with some local hero nominations for next month!

Simon Paterson

Words & images: Simon Paterson

Romance isn't dead!

It doesn’t seem like two minutes since the last edition of S41 went to print, when in fact it has been five weeks! The last five weeks have been pretty awesome to be fair. Let me tell you about our valentine’s day, I’m sure all you couple’s with kids will relate!

Bekah and I had a child free valentines evening! Now I always dread the run up to valentine’s day because, at times, Bekah is a bit of a control freak, which makes it impossible to plan a surprise or keep a secret. So, when I had booked a table at the Three Cottages on the 3rd February (take note lads; planning and preparation prevents poor performance), I had absolutely no chance of keeping it a secret until the 14th! By the 7th she had turned into the Spanish inquisition and was taking matters into her own hands! I had to come clean like a shop lifter caught bang to rights on camera, nicking four tubs of Quality Streets from the local shop at Christmas! #romanceisntdead. I did, however, manage to get a beautiful bouquet of roses delivered (by Bellissimi) to the restaurant without her knowledge, although it was noted all day that she must have missed the flower delivery, despite not leaving the house!

The evening itself went well…for about 27 minutes until Eva called us on Nana’s phone wanting to know what time we would be back. I don’t know where she gets it from; I can’t wait till she’s a teenager!

I had a delightful three course meal, the highlight of which was the pudding (of course), now I can’t remember what it was, but I know it was a chocolate sensation! Having multiple children and jobs, my memory is shot!

After nailing all three courses I was ready for a snooze, In fact, Bekah had to drive because I would have had to stop half way for a kip, despite it only being a six minute journey.

Needless to say, we were both back home for 9pm with our stomachs full and ready for bed, we are so rock and roll these days!

I hope you have an amazing April.

Peace, love and positivity



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