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It’s my birthday and I’ll cry if I want to. These lyrics spring to mind this month, I turned 38 on the 11th June and can honestly say it was a ‘different’ birthday. I had a lovely family meal at Little Italy which pretty much resulted in passing the baby along the line of family members every 10 minutes, taking it in turns to eat our meals as quickly as possible before she made it back round! In her defence it was after 6pm and she was very tired (note to self; don’t invite all the babysitters out at once). Thank goodness Little Italy had a lovely Malbec wine flowing! The food was great, the company was fab, and the cake was of course out of this world (another beauty by cakes by bobbies den). Simon and the girls got me a few gifts, but none were more gratefully received than a lie-in and a full day and night off from parenting duties! Sorry girls, you’ll understand when you are older, two jobs and two kids, a day off is like gold dust!

I got to meet a lovely reader Rita who called me to tell me what she thought of the magazine and have a general chit chat, what an amazing lady and I’m very grateful for these phone calls. Thanks Rita!

I have been involved this month with Derbyshire Young artist of the Year 2019, the artwork on offer really was outstanding! From Year 4 (age 8) upwards I was honoured to judge artwork in 4 categories. The artwork on display was thought provoking and made me extremely proud to be involved with the competition, I’ll be entering Eva next year for sure!

All the parents and carers out there will know it’s sports day season…. Sign up for that parent race, get involved and do your little ones proud. You’ll be pleased to know I’ve signed Simon up ha ha. Also don’t forget your picnic blanket and flask as I know they can sometimes drag on!

As a working mum I am extremely proud of this edition. The majority of this month’s magazine from photos, articles, adverts to interviews and front covers, all were created, taken designed and written by hardworking, local mums. I am blown away by your talents and beyond grateful for your contributions. Emma spent over forty-five hours on our front cover alone, I am sure you will agree, the result is mesmerising. Thank you, ladies.

Have a great start to summer everyone.



In a previous life I had the pleasure of being an ‘Engage Advisor’, working with and assisting the long term unemployed with multiple and complex barriers tackling their issues head on, raising their aspirations and helping them secure sustainable employment. To me this was never just a job but a purpose, very much like the magazine is now. I left this job about four year’s ago to pursue a career helping the younger generations achieve their goals. So, why am I telling you this? My partner Bekah received an email this week from one of my old unemployed clients which brought a tear to my eye. At the time I never realised the positive impact being kind and non-judgemental could have on a person. I'd like to share an extract from the email:

He probably will not remember me as I was just one of his hundreds of clients way back then, but Simon is one of the many people to whom I owe an awful lot. I am now reasonably 'okay' (without actually knowing what I quite mean by that!!!) and keep myself busy with artwork and stuff!! Anyway, all I am really emailing you for is to ask if you can please pass on my regards and best wishes to Simon. He really did do a great job for me in 2013 and into 2014.

The reason I am sharing this with you is not to draw attention myself or receive praise, but to say:

Helping one person may not change the world, but it may change the world for that one person.

So, when you see a stranger in the street, smile. If someone asks you for help, help them without expectation and if you need help, just ask. You never know what people are going through and don’t understand the power of saying ‘hello’, either in person, on social media or via text, it may just turn someone’s day around!

On a lighter note, I had the pleasure of attending a few local events last month and look to attending many more this summer. Big shout out to everyone at the Hasland Gala, whether you are an organiser, entertainer, stall holder or visitor, you played your part in a fantastic local event that embraced the word ‘community’. A big well done to everyone involved, Florie loved her ice-cream and the brass band. Thank you.

I went to see, what was a mesmerising performance, by a very talented Actor and Writer Ray Castleton in the theatre of Chesterfield College, ‘without malice or ill will’. Ray plays an ex Minor who left to pursue a career in the police force, only to find himself some years later policing the miners strikes on the opposite side to his old colleagues, friends and community. It was one of the most powerful and informative pieces of theatre I have ever witnessed. Please do go out and see it. Ray is a local man living in Loundsley Green and would really appreciate the support.

Have a great July

Peace, love & positivity



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