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S40 Celebrates the Big 70 with a Show of Stars

Local independent shops and businesses have been preparing for the Platinum Jubilee by teaming up with fellow Brampton-based indie business Paperstarlights – who have produced a limited edition run of their Union Jack star lanterns for the Big 70.

Paperstarlights have become something of a local feature in recent years - with their multi-coloured lanterns popping up in the windows of businesses and homes across town and beyond. Sharing their light with passers-by, the stars have helped keep spirits up and created connections across the town’s independent businesses.

What's more they’ve been delivering the stars on a restored vintage bicycle dating back to the iconic Silver Jubilee year of 1977. Getting Fit for a Queen, as they put it...

Look out for the Jubilee stars in a window near you. They’re the perfect way to theme your Jubilee street party and celebrate everything that’s Cool Britannia!

If you would like your own star you can pick one up while stocks last from Twelfth Craft, 1 Iron Gate, The Shambles, Londis on Chatsworth Road, Ashgate Hospice Furniture shop on Storforth Lane or direct from:


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