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Ride: Staveley Basin

This month we're back on two wheels with a route that's mostly offroad!

Hopefully at the end you'll have done about 16 miles with just a mile or so of road and you'll be ready for an ice cream!

  • Starting from Bobbin Mill Lane (1) near Morrisons head east to Walgrove Road, left turn, then right through the old Walton Works, along Goytside, across Boythorpe Road and around Queen's Park on the cycle lane through the car park.

  • Across Park Road (2), past the skate park and at a cross road of paths go slight right and continue over the dual carriageways towards the Railway Station.

  • Once past the station, at the T junction (3) head left on the cycle track, past the closed Chesterfield Hotel, over the bridge towards town and then immediately right along a cycle path (signposted) and then turn diagonally right across Brewery Street car park, towards the bottom corner of the car park, go over the toucan crossing, follow the cycle path down towards Chesterfield College but then stay right on the cycle path and join the cycle path along the side of the A61 dual carriageway.

  • Stay on this path and emerge at CASA (4), turn right and head under the island staying straight ahead as you exit and then left across Lockoford Lane to go through a fence (5) onto the Trans Pennine Trail (signposted TPT).

  • Stay on the TPT with the Chesterfield Canal on your right and cross Brimington Road (6).

  • Stay on the canal towpath, it runs slightly away from the canal on the left for some sections to avoid narrow sections. On the left you can see the River Rother and Bluebank Pools.

  • As you reach the Hollingwood Hub (7) before crossing Works Road you can stop at the Katey's Coffee Shop (open 9:30am to 4pm, seven days a week - tell them about S40 Local), but remember you're not half way yet!

  • Cross Works Road and stay on the TPT until you see Staveley Canal Basin opening up in front of you. This is a recent development and you can find more details at Chesterfield Canal Trust (

  • At the basin stay left (8) around the main basin, past Staveley Town Lock and the path loops around and under Eckington Road where it then climbs slightly before reaching a T junction.

  • Here we go right, signposted TPT Chesterfield. You could go left out to Rother Valley, but not today!

  • Follow this trail parallel to the road before passing over a Toucan crossing and past the back of Staveley Fire Station (9).

  • Go around a gate and continue on the trail, you're now pointing back to Chesterfield.

  • After a while look out for a TPT cycle sign on the right, through an opening next to a gate (10).

  • Turn left and follow one of the few bits of tarmac along Bamford Road, a longish climb until you spot a left turn down a trail between a fence, just past Blue Bell Close on your right and along the back of a row of houses (11), don't go past the open field, if you do you've missed the turn.

  • At the end of this short section go slight right and head down through the West Wood, stay on the main trail, over a bridge (12) and climb steadily until you reach Westwood Lane.

  • Turn right at Brooke Drive, follow it round until you reach a T junction at Manor Road. Turn right (13) and them almost immediately left down Recreation Road, at the end turn left down Grove Way (signposted TPT), do not go straight ahead.

  • Turn right at the end and follow the track (Grove Road) downhill where the surface becomes gravel (signposted dead end).

  • Continue on Grove Road and after a right hand bend you'll see a gate on the left (14) (TPT sign) that takes you down a narrow path and to another gate. Take care and ride slowly down this path, it's narrow and steep and there isn't much room for walkers and bikes despite it being a shared path.

  • At a gate turn right and follow the tarmac road, with a pond on your right, to a T junction turning left (15) along Balmoak Lane.

  • As the track opens up stay left along Pettyclose Lane and then left again (16).

  • Continue climbing Pettyclose Lane and as it goes left at a corner, we go right (17) on the TPT that takes you straight across Tapton Golf Course! Look out for low flying golf balls.

  • Head straight downhill through a coppice and stay left (TPT sign), round a few small bends and past the driving range. Cross the car cark, head to the top of the next car park and the Spire is in front of you. Head down from Tapton House and out onto Crow Lane where you go right, continue under the bridge (18) and reappear back at the Railway Station where you turn left to retrace your steps back to Bobbin Mill Lane.

Words: Paul Chapman

Images: Courtesy


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