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Record store day

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

Words and images: Sophie and Daisy

You may have seen the queues outside our local record store (Tallbird Records) on Saturday 23 April? What you may not know is the people queuing were waiting in anticipation to snatch up their chosen record, or records.

Record Store Day (RSD) began in the US in April 2008, when over 14,000 independent record stores came together to encourage and increase the support of our small independent record stores by releasing limited edition singles, albums and much more. This day is for people who make up the diverse community of record stores, the owner, the staff, the artists and of course, the loyal customers.

Unfortunately for us vinyl collectors, RSD only comes around once a year but when it does it’s considered one of the biggest annual events on the music calendar. It never fails, whatever the weather, to get people out at dawn (or earlier) to queue and get their hands on their favourite artist's one off release.

One customer secured his place in the queue at Tallbird Records at 8pm the night before to ensure he got his disc of choice. If you arrive at 8am on the day you can be sure of being a long way down the queue, such is the popularity of the day!

Hundreds or artists take part in the event, this year saw Sam Fender, Taylor Swift, Noel Gallagher and even 80’s crooner Rick Astley amongst the names putting out new releases. One artist is given the honour of being an ambassador for RSD, leading us 'swiftly' onto this year’s representative who is no other than Dr. Taylor Swift!

Taylor Swift’s limited edition single ‘the lakes’ sold out within minutes at some stores, only 20,000 copies were distributed worldwide so fans (that includes us!) were rushing to grab one.

This was our first trip to RSD and the enjoyment of being part of a community across the world, coming together for a single cause was infectious.

We simply can’t wait for next year’s event.

Chesterfield is home to three excellent vinyl stores, Tallbird Records at 10 Soresby Street, Vanishing Point Records at 10 Theatre Yard and Talk of the Grapevinyl at 365 Sheffield Road. Each one has its own unique identity and with the monthly vinyl market, there is enough to keep all us vinyl lovers happy, whatever genre you’re into!


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