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We meet up with the team at The Copy & Print Centre

The Copy & Print Centre on Saltergate have been here for as long I can remember.

Established by Derrick Barber in 1975, it was originally called Chesterfield Duplicating Services and has been providing a first-class service ever since.

Derrick was joined by his daughter, Kirsty, in the late 80s who still leads the team. We caught up with Kirsty to find out the secret to their long running success and what life is like in the printing industry.

Did you go straight into the family business upon leaving school and what was it like in the 80s? "I worked on the market and in a couple of pubs before joining my dad at the Copy & Print Centre. It feels like I’ve been here for about a million years, but in a good way. I started in either ‘87 or ‘88 (can’t quite remember that far back!) Well, put it this way there were no computers we still used typewriters and definitely no internet. Things are a lot faster and more efficient now."

Ah, the 80s, my first computer was a ZX Spectrum 48k. So, you have been here for a million years, you must have quite the portfolio of local businesses who use your services. "We are lucky to have worked with, and work with 100s of local businesses ranging from self-employed window cleaners, to musicians and multi-national companies. We do a lot of work with some of Chesterfield’s most well-known and loved charities such as Ashgate Hospice, DAST (Derbyshire Asbestos Support Team), DAAS (Derbyshire Alcohol Advice Service), DVA be Cancer safe, Deaf & Hearing Support. We have a service, a price and a product to suit everyone’s needs."

I've used your services and like many I'm sure, it needed printing urgently and you always turn it around. What is it that's important to you guys when looking after customers? "We like to think we are a friendly and professional team. We can do fast turnarounds and we are always updating machinery. Unlike many internet ordering companies, we check your files to make sure the job is going to be spot on before hitting print. People come from Chesterfield and surrounding areas, Bakewell, Mansfield and Matlock, to make use of our services."

So, how much do you print in one week, or can you print in one week? "How long is a piece of string – all the jobs are so varied. We could be printing 200 plans, whilst printing 650 booklets and large format posters all running on different machines simultaneously – while Jo could be upstairs picture framing!"

I didn’t know you did picture framing; I have two that need doing, brilliant! Do you have any favourite projects you have worked on? "Belinda Turner at Stubbing Court Training has been a customer for well over 20 years and I used to be horse mad, so I enjoy doing their design and print as it takes me back to my pony club days – plus we have, after all this time, a great friendship!"

Having been a customer at the Copy & Print Centre for many years it was nice to get to know more about this fantastic local business and the lovely lady who runs it. I have no doubt they will be here, providing a great service in the town for many years to come.


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