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Out of Lockdown Into Business

Business Intro - Meet Gardening Sisters

Gardening Sisters is exactly what you’d think, sisters who’ll come and do your gardening. Founded out of Lockdown, Sarah Kenworthy and Caroline Hardy are both close siblings who wanted a fresh start following life changes, and in response to Lockdown.

Gardening Sisters: Sarah & Caroline

They have both worked in banking since leaving school, Caroline has been working for a local building society for the last five years and has often joked with partner Adrian about setting up C&A Landscapes. It was only after Adrian suggested that Caroline and her sister should work together that plans started to be formed. They decided to start the New Year with a new business and a new start for them both.

“I’ve spent so much time in the garden during the first lockdown,” says Caroline. “I find it so enjoyable and relaxing.”

Sarah gave up a career in banking after having children and once they were of school age she worked locally in a secondary school then eventually at Ashgate Hospicecare. “Two years ago, my husband was diagnosed with cancer and lost his fight in early 2020, two weeks before lockdown. Following this I gave up work to concentrate on family and spending more time at home,” she explains.

In October 2019 she’d started working at Meringue café but like so many others was furloughed through lockdown and eventually laid off.

Dealing with her grief, lockdown and loss of job were massive things to cope with and to help handling things she responded to a volunteering role at Fischers in Baslow, working a day a week with the head gardener as part of a small team maintaining the manicured grounds.

“It was great therapy, it gave me something to focus on,” says Sarah. “It was a question of balance, something that allowed me space and to change my lifestyle to suit.”

“I have a large garden at home and it’s become my focus, learning the skills needed to keep it looking tidy, creating a wonderful space to spend time in.”

Caroline added, “I too have a large garden and love to keep it looking pretty throughout the year as the seasons bring with it their changes.”

Since deciding to start their new business, the pair have been refining their offer, which will include all aspects of garden maintenance, grass and hedge cutting, borders etc plus they will be offering container gardening to brighten up patio spaces.

They will also be able to plant out your borders and even small things like keep bird feeders stocked to bring wildlife into your space.

The pair have been busy getting the word out to friends and family and are really looking forward to getting the first grass cuts done in the spring.

“We know that many people are simply too busy to think about their gardens, they become a bit of a hassle, we really want to take the worry away,’ says Sarah. “If you’re elderly and can’t manage to push a mower around we can take care of it, or if you’re busy working, give us a call and you can enjoy a beautiful space without having to sharpen your pruning shears!” adds Caroline.

Give Sarah or Caroline a call if you want Gardening Sisters services and be sure to say where you saw them.


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