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Never too busy to give back

Words by: Simon Paterson

Images by: Alysha's family

S41 Local heros are people who selflessly go out of their way to help others and support our community. Whether it's organising fundraising events, donating money to charity or giving up their time to help others. This month’s local hero has done all the above and so much more.

“Alysha never expects anything back from others, she helps them because she wants to.

Let me introduce you to this month’s S41 local hero Alysha Bradley of Belle Vie. A true inspiration and role model to others, I spoke with Alysha’s sister Tara to get the low down. Here is what she had to say.

“My sister is a selfless person that believes in the laws of attraction, she goes out of her way to help others and gives back to the community. She’s successful, not only because she works extremely hard, but because she is kind to people and treats them well. Alysha motivates and pushes all her staff to be the best and to help others, this is why she is successful. She uses this success to her advantage to help people that are less fortunate or going through tough times. I’m extremely proud of my sister and family for the love we put back into our community”

“Alysha never expects anything back from others, she helps them because she wants to. She believes in Karma and that you should always help if you can, she encourages her staff to do this too. Recently we had a colleague whose mother is a cancer patient and needed a wig. Alysha set up some fundraising in the salon and matched the amount raised to give to her colleague’s mum towards her wig. This is such a little thing for Alysha to do but has a massive impact on others"

Alysha has helped others by raising money for baby clothes for still born babies, bought sleeping bags for the homeless, donated £200 a month to a nominated charity that is chosen by Belle Vie clients, shopped for the elderly when they couldn't themselves, taken NHS staff to work in the snow and taken part in the shoebox appeal. All this on top of running a business and being a mum to Amelia and I thought I was busy! What better way to show your children it is important to help others than leading by example, I’m sure Amelia is very proud and knows what an amazingly selfless person Alysha is.

Alysha has launched a campaign to offer free treatments to those who have a terminal illness, this idea came from supporting the Look Good, Feel Good campaign in Nottingham and is aimed at making others feel special for a day. Alysha and Tara lost their wonderful brother and dad of two Lex to cancer last year and want to find some positivity from a traumatic experience. This is their motivation to help others that are going through a similar experience and to try to ease the pain.

The sessions run every 1st Monday of the month and need to be booked in advance to ensure the treatment is suitable for you. If you would like more details, then contact Alysha directly on 01246 769009 or visit the website

The only thing left for me to say is a big Thank You to Alysha and her family for the work you do in our community. Here at S41 Local we recognise and appreciate it.


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