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Local Walk: Linacre Resevoir

This month we've been out and about putting together a walk starting from Storrs Road car park to Linacre and around the bottom Reservoir.

This walk is almost five miles and there are plenty of options to add sections on or continue around all three reservoirs. There is even the option to call in at The Peacock Inn for a drink or meal, so as far as we're concerned, it's a perfect winter warmer.

  • Start from Storrs Road car park, cross the pedestrian crossing and turn right along Storrs Road.

  • Turn left up Upper Moor Street and right at the end. Follow this path behind Brookfield school classrooms and up between two hedges with the school buildings on the left and the sports fields on the right.

  • At the end you enter an open field. Head diagonally across the field following the path to the coppice.

  • Pass through between the edge of the school grounds and the end of the coppice and head up the field with open views of the countryside to your right. Stay on the left of the field until you reach the top of the coppice, here head slightly right along the side of the top hedge to a gap in the and head along the gravel path to your right.

  • Pass through another bar gate (1) and continue up the path ignoring the left-hand junction, until you reach a T junction of tracks by a house.

  • Go right here onto Piper Lane to reach Ashgate Road after a short distance.

  • Cross the road and head left towards the corner (just past Caus House Farm) where Woodnuck Lane goes off right towards Linacre (2).

  • Follow this wide Bridleway uphill slightly past Hadfield Barns.

  • At a junction of paths continue straight ahead following the bridleway signposted to Linacre reservoir (3).

  • Stay on this path for quite a while, downhill to reach a bridge (4) go straight over and up to reach the toilet block.

  • Just past the toilet block you can detour to the Peacock Inn at Cutthorpe.

  • If not visiting The Peacock pub, continue up the tarmac path. Before reaching the car park turn left through a gate (5) along a wide track.

  • Follow this track until you see the reservior ahead, take the middle path, slighty left, across a wide bridge, (6) and cross the dam wall, below the second reservoir (you can continue slightly right before this bridge and walk round the second and third reservoirs, however, our route only takes you round the bottom reservoir).

  • At the far side of the dam wall turn left (7), down a steep descent and then up through the trees, continue to follow the main path with the reservoir on your left.

  • At a slight fork (8) stay on the bottom path towards the dam wall.

  • Reach a gap next to a gate, adjacent to the dam wall, turn right up the short climb to a wall and turn left, follow this main track (9) straight ahead and then downhill, bearing left, until you reach the junction with Woodnuck Lane passed earlier. The small bridge is on your left.

  • Turn right and retrace your steps along Woodnuck Lane back to Ashgate Road.

  • Turn right back along Piper Lane taking the path across the fields to return to Storrs Road.

  • *The Peacock Inn: Cutthorpe

  • If you decide to call into The Peacock Inn at Cutthorpe just follow the additional section below. It's about half a mile to the pub ... remember it gets dark early at the moment should you accidentally stay too long!

  • Head up the small, stepped path on the right-hand side (10), (opposite steps heading down to the reservoir) that heads straight across a field up to the Peacock pub.

  • You pass through a dry-stone wall at each side of the field (11 & 12).

  • Continue straight ahead on a path through the woods, ignore any paths to the left or right, until you see a wall and a footpath sign, cross through the wall (13) and head diagonally left across the field to the Peacock Inn.

Enjoy your walk and be sure to tell them at The Peacock where you found the route!

Words & Images: Paul Chapman Map: Courtesy OS Open Data


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