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Local equity release specialist offers three-dimensional service!

Chesterfield-based equity release specialist adviser, Laterlivingnow, has bucked the trend during these challenging times, by recruiting advisers to cope with increasing demand for its services.

Simon Chalk, of Laterlivingnow, has been delighted to appoint 2 additional advisers to help an increasing number of homeowners over 55 enquiring about equity release Lifetime Mortgages. Both recruits have an excellent pedigree in the profession, so are well-known and trusted by him.

“Between the three of us, we provide a highly professional service to clients. I’m proud that my small firm has one of the best reputations in the equity release market, so its most important to me personally, that we only bring in new advisers that share my ethics and commitment to high service standards”.

Such is the reputation of Laterlivingnow that the company has been nominated by dozens of solicitors, accountants, clients and even other financial advisers for the Equity Release Awards 2020.

Simon is keen to push the boundaries of knowledge, both for him and his colleagues. They’ve successfully completed training as 'Dementia Friends', 'Friends against Scams', and in handling 'Vulnerable’ clients. Simon and Chris hold a qualification in 'Long-Term Care Fees Planning,' with Amanda aiming to emulate this success. Laterlivingnow is a member of the Equity Release Council and Simon now serves on the Advisory Board to The Society of Later Life Advisers (SOLLA).

Many people are looking to help and support their families as they struggle with the financial consequences of the pandemic, with record low interest rates fixed for life (from just 2.28% at the time of writing) often attracting them to a Lifetime Mortgage.

Laterlivingnow have noticed an increase in enquiries from people seeking to move to a more rural setting, or enjoying the trend for ‘staycation’ holidays. The popular Lifetime Mortgage can be taken on a property that you wish to buy, not only on one in which you already own and live.

Simon explained, “Recently, we have helped clients buy holiday lodges, motorhomes, or relocate to Scotland, for example. Many people are seeking a quieter life, following the Covid-19 outbreak.”

Laterlivingnow has also found more people taking advantage of the flexible ‘income’ that a ‘drawdown’ type of Lifetime Mortgages offers. Many plans allow you to take a modest initial sum from, typically, £10,000 then to withdraw smaller sums from as little as £2,000 a time.

“This can provide a lifeline to someone who has been made redundant, or has a struggling business,” Simon explained.

Laterlivingnow’s strength is its independence from the big firms that advertise on TV, as they advise on the whole of the market for Equity Release, not just one or two lenders.

For information and advice call Laterlivingnow on Chesterfield 01246 202 571 or visit

Words: Laterlivingnow


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