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Life on the road.

Words: Jennie Sim

Images: Clear Vinyl

This months story starts at the Post Office on Chatsworth Road, as usual I was met with amazing service and all round pleasantries in the form of local business owner Terry - what a legend. Nothing is ever too much trouble for Terry, he always makes you feel like you are the most important customer of the day. On this particular visit Terry drops into conversation that he has a new-found pastime - Roadie...

His son Jonjo and pals James, Josh, Jack and Sam who I feel should be called Jam, just to continue with the J theme, make up the band Clear Vinyl, I was keen to catch up with them between their UK tour dates to discuss what the future holds, recommendations on local restaurants and gossip that make's for a good read.

With my name being Jennie I am also thinking there could be hope for me yet in the music industry joining the J posse although I’m not sure triangle quite fits the band profile; ting!

The band formed two years ago after Josh, James and Jonjo, met Jack and Sam and decided to take things a little more seriously.

Jennie - So Lads, you are touring all over the country now, will you be playing in Chesterfield?

Sam: We’ve not actually played Chesterfield, it’s definitely on our radar!

Josh: Playing your hometown is a big thing for most bands, it will be a big one when it happens!

Being on the road so much you must get home stupidly late? Where do you get your late night naughty food fix?

Jack: Best Kebab - decent cheesy chips

Sam: Pizza Royale, BBQ Chicken pizza with garlic mayo

Josh: LFC Chicken Strips, chips with chilli

Jennie: Based on the fact I rarely see past 10pm these days I cannot comment, but the recommendations are there for those of you in need of that naughty late night food fix.

Have you ever had any random objects thrown at you on stage from admirers?

Sam: Not yet but if anyone wants to, I wouldn’t mind being thrown a beer, gets a bit warm on stage

Jennie: Not sure you have thought that through Jam, an unopened beer is an exploding missile waiting to happen.

Talking of admirers .... Valentine’s day has just passed were there any romantic meals out for two and if so where?

Josh: Bottle and Thyme was good on Valentine’s Day, Awesome food and such a great choice

Jennie : Great Vegan options also!

Jonjo: Soulville Steak house is amazing, love it in there!

Jennie: Not so great Vegan options ha ha ha

You are stuck in a lift, chose one person to be stuck with.

James: Jennifer Lawrence

Jonjo: 100% my dog

Sam: Louis Theroux and his wry smile

Jack: gotta be James

Josh: Joe Lycett

Jennie: At this point I am wondering what Jonjo's dog is called - surely it begins with the letter J?

Still stuck in the lift ,we can get a takeout to you - where would this be from?

Jonjo: Mutiara restaurant

Jennie; Mutiara a great Malaysian restaurant on West Bars offers a varied menu to dine in or takeaway.

Sam: Zahid Indian! The curries are amazing!

Jennie; Zahid Indian Cuisine, Chatsworth road has a four star review on trip advisor, 4.6 out of 5 on google, this recommendation I will definitely be following up on.

Josh: Davis fresh bake - Katie and Guy who run the place are absolutely amazing and I recommend the pork sandwiches .... maybe not for you Jennie.

Jennie: Davis fresh bake, located on Elder way and run by husband and wife team Guy and Katie, everything baked fresh in store by Guy!

They also cater for large events and functions with their amazing baked goods.

What is your biggest achievement to date?

Josh: Playing a sold out Leadmill gig with Fatherson and Vistas, the biggest highlight so far.

Amazing seeing so many new faces with people on shoulders during our set!

Jennie: From what I have seen on facebook it looked amazing...sweaty...but amazing.

When you are not touring where do you hang out?

James: Warehouse Rehearsal studios on Chatsworth Road. We are always writing and demoing new material. We never stop.

Jack: Junction, Bottle and Thyme, Einstein’s.

Jennie: Einsteins gets browney points - since opening in 2015 they have opened its doors to the elderly, homeless and less fortunate on Christmas day. Einsteins offer a great varied menu to match their extensive drinks offerings.

Give the lads a follow, listen to their music and let us know if you take them up on their local food recommendations!

Catch Clear Vinyl live at the following gigs:

3rd May - Liverpool Sound City - Liverpool

5th May - Hit the North Festival - Newcastle

12th May - Only Shadows - Sunflower Lounge Birmingham

Instagram : Clearvinyl

Twitter : Clearvinylmusic

Facebook : Clearvinylmusic

Youtube : Clear Vinyl

This article was written by a member of the S41 community:

Jennie Sim of Cakes by Bobbies Den

We encourage you to get in touch if you wish to write for S41 and look forward to hearing from you.



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