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The lowest interest rates ever seen for equity release!

Chesterfield based, Simon Chalk from Laterliving now! expands to cope with increased demand.

Equity release Lifetime Mortgages are increasingly popular, helped by interest rates falling to record lows, tempting homeowners that have seen pensions and savings ravaged. The lowest interest rates now start from under 2.50% and with options to pay monthly, or to simply pay nothing and roll-up until the home is later sold, it’s understandable that more homeowners are considering Equity Release to support them in retirement.

Simon Chalk of Laterliving now!, Chesterfield’s only specialist Equity Release firm, believes that there has been no better time to consider this option for providing capital or boosting income for the over 55s. During the current crisis, Simon has noticed a sharp rise in people looking to pay for care privately at home, with Equity Release providing a means of meeting the cost.

"Anyone looking to unlock tax-free cash tied up in their home to help themselves or their loved ones, can now benefit from access to substantial sums of money at the lowest interest rates.” Simon’s company has taken on two new advisers – Chris South and Amanda Hunt, to cope with the increase in demand for its award-winning service.

Many people are looking to help and support their families as they struggle with the crippling financial consequences of the pandemic. “Equity release can be a sensible solution to a problem, but it isn’t always the right one, so sound financial advice from an independent specialist is essential. Clients often turn to us, having been swamped with sales brochures and emails from large national firms advertising on TV and internet. People want clear advice, not being sold something that might be completely wrong for them”.

Under the current social-distancing rules, Laterliving now! offer safe home visits, and free consultations by phone, Facetime, WhatsApp or Zoom. They can help people decide if Equity Release is right for them, without needing to actually meet.

"Being based in Chesterfield makes us easily accessible" said Simon. "We have specialised in later-life planning for many years and being truly independent, means that we’re not tied to a limited number of lenders. We only recommend Equity Release from providers that, like ourselves, are members of the Equity Release Council. I served on its Standards Board, helping to form the rules that keep homeowners safe, and I’m now performing a similar roll on the Advisory Board to The Society of Later Life Advisers (SOLLA)."

For any information regarding equity release, please feel free to call Laterliving now! or visit the website:

Words & Image: Laterliving now!


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