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"It's Been A Good Year"

Says Lucy Van Pelt

Words: Paul Chapman

Image: Adobe Stock Images

"Last year I made this list of New Year's resolutions and I haven’t accomplished a single one, I feel like a failure."

Not my words, but those of cartoon character Charlie Brown!

I signed up to a trial of Apple TV over Christmas to catch up with a few things I’d been wanting to see. Whilst browsing I ended up watching Charlie Brown's Christmas and after that Snoopy Presents: For Auld Lang Syne.

As always Charlie Brown ends up spending his usual 5c on psychiatric help from the Dr. (Lucy). She takes his list from him and replies...

"It’s more than a feeling Charlie Brown. Let me see that."

"Here’s your problem Charlie Brown, these resolutions are completely unrealistic, you need to adjust your expectations to match your abilities."

"What do you mean?" asks Charlie Brown.

"Resolution number three, build the world's tallest snowman. How about build ‘a snowman’"

"Number nine, paint a masterpiece. Maybe just settle for do something remotely creative," explains Lucy

"That doesn’t seem very ambitious," says a glum-looking Charlie Brown.

"Exactly, all you need to do is complete one realistic resolution and you're covered for the year," replys Lucy.

"One realistic resolution, why not? Anyone can do that, even me," says Charlie slightly excitedly.

"Sensible mediocrity, that’s the spirit," reply’s Lucy.

I think this has most of us covered, run a marathon, ok but perhaps just go for a jog, ride Lands End to John O'Groats, ride to the shops, you get the drift.

So, I know you’ll be reading this a few weeks after you set your resolutions and if things are going well, great, give yourself a deserved pat on the back.

But if you're struggling, why not take some inspiration from Lucy and a be a bit more like Charlie Brown. Now there’s advice I bet you never thought you’d hear!

So, did Charlie Brown achieve any of his list? Well yes and no, not a snowman or masterpiece, but simply ‘be good forever’.

Have a great 2023.


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