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Harold Lilleker & Sons

Serving the community for three generations

Wherever we go we always seem to bump into Harold Lilleker & Sons. Now, it’s not that we attend a lot of funerals (thankfully), it’s the fact that both S41 and Harold Lilleker & Son’s know the importance of being part of a local community and therefore support as many local events as possible.

Based in Hasland, at the helm of Harold Lilleker & Sons is Drew Lilleker. Drew is the third generation of Lilleker’s to run the family business and he does this with not only great success, but compassion and empathy as well. Harold Lilleker & Sons provide a truly tailored service including a wide range of vehicles available such as a Model T Ford, a World War 2 Jeep hearse, a Vintage Tractor Hearse, Motorcycle Hearses and Horsedrawn Funerals. With a private chapel of rest and a second one under development, a 24-hour service there’s a package to suit every budget.

As I was writing this article the following heartfelt message was posted on Facebook:

Dear Drew,

Just a few words of thanks for all the help and support, following the death of our mother, Iris Allen. The funeral was conducted immaculately with respect and dignity. We could not have wished for better care and service. A heartfelt thanks to you and your staff.

Enid Ward and family.

Aside from providing a first-class service to all their clients, Drew and his dedicated team raise money and awareness for several local charities including the Ashgate Hospice, Men-Talk (featured in our June edition) and the Dawn Rose.

They have the most fantastic Ashgate Hospice car, which was on show at Perry’s Ford, Vertu Toyota and the spectacular Chesterfield Motorfest. For a small donation you can tie a rainbow ribbon on the vehicle in remembrance of a loved one and to raise awareness and much needed funds for the hospice. I stopped by the Motorfest to tie a ribbon on in my mother’s memory who was a service user of the hospice and I was blown away by how amazing the car looked and the level of interest it was rightly receiving!

The Dawn Rose is Chesterfield’s only canal boat in existence, hand built by local volunteers in 2015. The Dawn Rose was recently pulled along (towed) by a horse called Charlie who was made famous on Country File! Harold Lilleker & Sons are proud sponsors of the Dawn Rose providing them with much needed hi-vis jackets, Drew had this to say:

We have a soft spot for horses at Harold Lilleker & Sons after conducting so many horse drawn funerals. The Dawn Rose is a fully working example of a narrow boat that would have been used on the Chesterfield Canal shaping our town. Powered by sail or horsepower they need donations to keep this working history alive. I love that children get to see it in person and not just on a computer screen. Many thanks to LGS design for the wonderful artwork and printing.

If anyone would like to give them a donation, please get in touch or call into our office.

When laying a loved one to rest with Harold Lilleker and Sons you can be rest assured that your loved one is treated with the utmost respect, leaving you to celebrate their life the way they wanted it to be.

Harold Lilleker & Sons

369 Hasland Road

Chesterfield S41 0AQ

Telephone: 01246 277095



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