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Generation smile :)

Words: Bekah Anstey

Images: Astra Designs

Bringing joy to our elderly

across the UK

Samba Smile Project - bringing smiles to residents in care homes across the UK!

I recently met up with Garry from Diverse Recruitment who sponsors a local children’s club called Samba Sports. He told me how his little boy Alfie had been going for some time and absolutely loved it, they had recently gone into a local care home to meet with the residents, get them moving and of course put a Samba Smile on everyone’s faces. I just had to find out more about this intergenerational social action project and share it with our readers!

Samba Smile instils skills and qualities in your children that really are invaluable, they bring generations together by working in partnership with schools and care homes.

Not only do Samba Smile put a huge smile on everyone’s faces but they also encourage mobility and enhance cognition by challenging the mind and instilling confidence.

The project is designed so that children of all abilities develop skills that can support their education and home life. It allows them to develop skills at their own pace.

The Samba Smile project was set up by Brad Jones, Carl Vickers and Ben Towmsend - Directors of Samba Sports Coaching.

"Our vision was to create a project that brought the community together. Samba Smile does exactly that. We have worked hard to design a scheme of work to cater the needs for both children and elderly residents by delivering a fun integrated sports session which has many rewarding benefits for both age groups” Brad Jones - Director

So next comes Samba Tots – this runs on a Saturday morning at Chesterfield College, It is aimed at 2-4 year olds and develops balance, co-ordination and agility. They play lots of fun games and sports to music, which all the children love – especially when waka waka comes on! If you want to pop down and see what it is all about then definitely get in touch for a free taster session.

Why stop there when there’s still so much more on offer! Samba Sports offer a wide range of sports provision for primary Schools. They deliver the national curriculum with a fun, innovative and inclusive twist, including their unique programme ‘Samba Routine’

Samba Routine combines gymnastics, dance and team sports by creating a routine to Samba music. It is fun with inclusive learning, participation and fitness for everyone.

Jan Collins from Fountaindale School couldn’t be more positive about the programme and had this to say:

"Samba Sports delivers provision to our children weekly. Their professionalism, knowledge and delivery are first class! The coaches have built up an excellent rapport with children and deliver excellent objective led lessons!’'

If you would like more information on any of the projects or sports provision, then get in touch.


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