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Garry Chambers

Dynamic and diverse

Words:Bekah Anstey

Images: Garry Chambers

S41 has the pleasure of working with local, independent businesses in Chesterfield. Many of these businesses choose to advertise with us every month, such as Diverse Recruitment. As a result of this we get to know the people behind the brand, and this got us thinking! Our readers are the ones who buy products and services from our advertisers, so wouldn’t it be great if they got to know a little more about them too. I give you our ‘everyday entrepreneur’ series. First up is Garry Chambers, the family man and creator of Diverse recruitment.

What motivated you to start your own business?

I wanted to have control of my own destiny, build something that was meaningful and eventually have the affordability to spend time with my kids, which in my opinion is more valuable than anything.

What advice would you give your 16-year-old self?

I would say try to focus on a career that embraces what you are good at. I am good at talking to people and building relationships, find what works for you and ignore external pressures of what you should be doing.

What’s the best and worst thing about running your own business?

The best is getting people into sustainable jobs and really helping them to achieve something they’re proud of. Coupled with receiving good feedback from clients and gaining repeat business.

The worst is possibly doing your best to get people into work and they just don't turn up and fall off the face of earth, but this doesn’t happen very often!

How do you manage your day and what does a typical day look like?

I try to hold a morning meeting every day, this is to discuss who is doing what – however this can change with one phone call. No day is ever the same which I love about my job, some days are great then some are absolute stinkers, I suppose we all have this in common.

What is your recruitment process for a candidate?

This can be quite varied dependant on the job. I meet with the candidate to give them all the information required for them to decide if they want to apply. Should this be relevant to the candidate then I go through all the compliance required to make their journey as smooth as possible.

I’ve known Garry from Diverse Recruitment for many years and had the pleasure of working with him, but how well do you really know someone you have worked with? I wanted to find out so asked Garry some fun questions, my answers and his are below. Check out how I did!

What did you get Terri (Garry’s beautiful wife) for Christmas?

Bekah: I think that Garry would go for the easy option - perfume, although I do think he’d go for an expensive one. Chanel? He’d then spend the rest of the day looking at football results or speaking to candidates.

Garry: Quite a few materialistic things, I got her a foot and hand cast of our son which she loves.

What’s the best present you have ever received?

Bekah: Something football related.

Garry: It sounds so cheesy, but it would be my 2 beautiful boys. If I had to say a gift it would be that my wife bought me an Xbox for our first Christmas together.

If you had to live on one meal what would it be?

Bekah: Curry. The go to takeaway for most men is a curry, right? I think he’d need a beer (or 2) with it though.

Garry: Steak (sirloin or Fillet), Chips and Peppercorn Sauce with Broccoli and Onion Rings.

As you can see, I was way off the mark and didn’t know Garry at all! It’s a good job we started this series then!

If you’re looking for staff or a job, I would highly recommend the services of Garry at Diverse Recruitment.

01246 252 350


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