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EXAMS... The Results Are In!

Words: Press Release

Brookfield students achieve outstanding GCSE results!

In the first set of actual examinations since 2019, students at Brookfield Community School have achieved impressive results in their GCSE examinations. Over 60% of students achieved a 'strong pass' (grade 5 or above) in both Maths and English, while almost 80% achieved a standard pass (grade 4 and above) in both. Results at Brookfield, which is part of Redhill Academy Trust, have improved significantly since 2019. The Attainment 8 measure, which shows the average grade every student received in all subjects, has increased to 5.4 (from 4.7 in 2019).

Headteacher, Keith Hirst, stated: 'These results are a testament to the hard work of students, staff and parents, not just over the past two years, but over the past five years. Students have had to deal with an incredible amount of disruption since they started their courses. The way they applied themselves this year has been impressive and they deserve enormous credit for their results.’

The school is keen to acknowledge many examples of excellent individual performance. For example, Bethany Renshaw, Miranda Preston, Sylvie Kurcewicz and Lily Essler all achieved over five Grade 9s in their subjects. Congratulations to students receiving their results and for their fantastic commitment and hard work.

Brookfield students celebrate their A Level success together!

There was a great buzz of support and positivity in the Main Hall at Brookfield Community School as students and staff came together for A Level Results Day. It was so lovely to see all our students actually being able to collect their results after a challenging and anxious time for everyone involved.

Students are celebrating an excellent set of A Level grades. Performance at Brookfield, part of the Redhill Academy Trust, has improved significantly since 2019, the last time actual A Level examinations were sat. The A* - A pass rate increased from 20.2% to 25.3%. A* - B improved from 47% to 51% and average point score per subject increased from 32.8 to 35. Headteacher, Mr Keith Hirst, praised students and staff for their hard work and commitment over the past two years and stated that the results were extremely strong.

Head of Sixth Form, Mrs Helen Dafforne said “We are extremely proud of our Year 13 students for their tremendous resilience, positivity and resolve. It has been a pleasure to support them through this very difficult time. Whilst they were denied the opportunity to sit their GCSE exams, they have remained focused and level-headed in their journey to completing their A Level exams. They leave Brookfield now to go and take their place in the world as confident young adults and we wish them all the very best for the future”.

Special recognition for their academic achievements goes to:

Stuart Ames achieved A, A*, A in Economics, Geography and History and goes on to study American History at Nottingham University

Kate Anderson achieved A, A, A in Drama, English Language and Psychology and goes on to study Musical Theatre at the University of Chichester

Olivia Asher achieved A*, A, A* in History, Mathematics and Spanish and goes on to study Law at Newcastle University

Oliver Barnett achieved A*, A*, A* in Biology, Geography and Mathematics and goes on to study Accounts & Finance at the University of Warwick

Emma Baron achieved A, A*, A* in Biology, Psychology and PE and will be taking a gap year

Faye Bramley achieved A*, A, A* in English Literature, French and History and goes on to study Sociology at Sheffield University

Nathan Dave achieved A, A, A in Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics and goes on to study Actuarial Maths at the University of Liverpool

Sam Kitchen achieved A, A, A in English Language, Geography and Politics and goes on to study Politics & Film Studies at the University of Liverpool

Joel Thacker achieved A*, A*, A* in Mathematics, Further Mathematics and Physics and goes on to study Maths at Oxford University

Alice Woodcock achieved A, A, A*, A* in Biology, Chemistry, Psychology and Extended Project Qualification and goes on to study Pharmacy at Newcastle University

Will Wylde achieved A*, A*, A*, A* in Product Design, Mathematics, Further Mathematics and Physics and will be taking a gap year


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