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A small and fragile world

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

Coronavirus, climate, plastics…

It’s World earth day today so I thought I’d take the opportunity to join a plastic free Chesterfield virtual event, where they asked us to watch a film on Youtube highlighting the issues caused by plastic, followed by an online hosted meeting.

The film was presented by a chap who lived and worked as a surfing coach at Sennan Cove in Cornwall, who’d seen an increase in the amount of plastic on the beach and in the sea and wanted to understand how to improve the problem for his children and future generations.

But the standout for me was the final frame;

“whilst you’ve been watching this film (it was 25 minutes) 300 tonnes of plastic have been dumped in the oceans!”

In the session that followed, I was struck by a comment made by Claire Neale;

“one of the things Coronavirus has shown me is how small our world is”.

It’s also shown us how quickly we can adapt to a changing world when we need to.

So perhaps whilst we’re dealing with our different world, and an enforced change to our daily lives, we might reflect on the personal changes we could make now to try and prevent a future global crisis; whether that be the result of climate change or plastic pollution and start or perhaps continue doing some things differently.


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