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Doing Ordinary Things Exceptionally Well

Meet the team and new advertisers Pinewood Properties.

Words: Bekah Anstey (S41 Local)

This month saw the Estate Agents of the Year Awards (ESTAs) 2019 held in London, I am lucky enough to get the low down from one of Chesterfields top Estate Agents Pinewood Properties, well, actually they are officially the ‘Best Estate Agent in the East Midlands’. I met up with Stacey Davis-Bowler, Director of Pinewood Properties, to have a chat about the awards and his teams’ achievements.

Stacey congratulations on your success, you are all clearly still buzzing from your trip to London, can you tell me a little about the ESTAs and the awards your team won?

The ESTAs to Pinewood Properties are so important, we look forward to them every year. They are the largest independent customer service feedback and awards scheme for the residential property industry in the UK. This year we were lucky enough to win 7 team awards and 1 individual award which is a huge achievement for us and I’m extremely proud of this.

Best Estate Agent in Derbyshire

Best Estate Agent in the East Midlands

Best Agent with 2 to 5 Branches

Best Letting Agent in Derbyshire

Best Letting Agent in the East Midlands (as voted for by landlords)

Best Letting Agent in the East Midlands (as voted for by tenants)

Bronze Award Best Letting Agent in the UK

Hayley Coope Top 25 Letting Agent in the UK

Stacey, running a successful business for many years must mean you have a secret formula, can you share this with our S40 and S41 Local readers?

I absolutely do have a secret formula but I’m afraid I can’t share this, however what I can tell you is that at Pinewood Properties we offer a unique service and it keeps bringing our customers back to us. I have clients from back in the day (2004 to be precise), these clients I specifically remember cold-calling from my spare bedroom when I first started my business and they have stayed with me all this time. Customer service is something we’re very good at here at Pinewood Properties, we value our customers and treat them with respect when we visit. Sometimes it can be something as simple as making sure you take your shoes off when you walk in, being respectful is key.

Stacey what are you most proud of from the last 12 months?

There are 29,000 agents in the UK, some have huge portfolios and have been running many years. I only launched our premium service 15 months ago and it has really taken off. I’m proud of the team for not only achieving some fantastic results but for winning some amazing awards not only at the ESTAs but also with EA Masters, Mansfield Chad, and the Derbyshire Times Business Awards where we were highly commended in the Customer Service category.

Introducing the team at Pinewood Properties…


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