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Dan Malloy

I'll just 'take the seven'

Words: Jennie Sim

Images: Dan Malloy & CHG

This month we catch up with Take The Seven front Man and Chesterfield Hockey Club striker Dan Malloy.

How old were you when you started playing Hockey?

Dan: Roughly 5 or 6, my earliest memory is the day before my first ever mini hockey session. My dad was playing against Beeston and after the game we played in a lacrosse goal.

How did you get into Hockey?

Dan: My dad, he started playing in University and started taking me to his games when I was really young, and I just started playing.

Biggest achievement to date in your Hockey career?

Dan: Scoring on my first team debut is up there! I think being selected for Derbyshire and winning the County Championships was the best achievement for me personally. The chesterfield 1st XI have now had two back to back promotions finishing 2nd both times, we need to win the league this year for 3 promotions on the bounce and that will be insane.

What top tip would you give to any young person looking to take up Hockey?

Dan: The hockey community has given me so many opportunities like playing for Chesterfield or for Sheffield University when I studied there. Enjoy your hockey, don’t get down about a bad session or a bad game, learn from it, get stronger, move forward.

You have won the final ... where do you go for a slap-up meal to celebrate?

Dan: Gulab. The first team and pretty much the rest of the club have our team meals in there. Christmas - Gulab, End of Season - Gulab. It’s tradition, wouldn’t go anywhere else with the Hockey team.

You are also in a band called Take The Seven where did the name come from?

Dan: Mini golf. We went to Skegness early on in the band forming and we were generally not very good and the max shots you’re apparently allowed is 7. Majority of the time we spent our time taking a rubbish shot and just saying “I’ll take the seven”.

Did you have singing lessons or are you self-taught?

Dan: I suppose I’m self-taught. I’ve got a pretty big Irish family so most of my childhood was spent singing Irish folk songs with all my family. My dad and aunt were always the first to sing and generally the better singers, so I suppose it came naturally!

If you could duet with anyone who would it be?

Dan: That’s tough. Living, I would probably say Tom Waits, that guys voice is phenomenal, so much hurt, I’d love to write lyrics with him more than anything. Dead, there’s plenty; David Bowie, Freddie Mercury, Aretha Franklin, Chris Cornell are the first names to spring to mind, but I’d have to say Ray Charles in that category, again, to write with him would be insane.

Where would you take them for a pint afterwards?

Dan: Chandlers, It’s my go to bar in Chesterfield. Cocktails are really good and the staff are great people. I could see Tom Waits maybe wanting a pint so I might take him to the County Music bar!

Where has been your favourite local gig to date?

Dan: Oh, that’s not easy to answer at all, we played a show at Real Time Music with Ovacast and Escape Plan recently, it was a sell-out and probably the best this year. The County Bar is probably my favourite venue, we always seem to have a great show there. Halloween last year was pretty special!

Talking of dates where would you recommend to anyone looking to take their partners out for a romantic meal?

Dan: My favourite restaurant in town is Lombardi’s. I go with my Fiancé Ellice all the time! The food is exceptional with service to match. I highly recommend the Lamb, oh my…. the lamb.

Training sessions for Chesterfield Hockey Club start again on the 6th September see the website for further details.


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