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Creative Workshops @ West Studios

Book your creative session for Saturday 17 August

Ray Castleton

Introduction to Writing

West Studio based playwright and actor Ray Castleton offers a writing workshop which shares a simple technique he uses to "get past the blank page" to write "history for performance". It is also a technique that can get you started on novels, short stories etc…

All you need to join in is a pen/pencil and a notebook and bring the story of how your parents met, where and in what year.

Hour session: 11:15am to 12:15pm

Note that this workshop is Aged 14+

Sparky Ink Studios

Stop-Motion Animation

Jane from Sparky Ink Studio will be guiding mini-sessions for Under 9’s and Over 9’s who would like to learn the basics of stop-motion animation and editing. Jane from Sparky Ink Studios says…

Films will be published and promoted on our social media and YouTube channel. Participants can also have the MP4 copy if they bring in a USB memory stick or I can make it available for them to view online and copy to their own PC.

Under 9s: 45 minute sessions

10am to 2:15pm

(1 place available per session)

Over 9s: 1 hour sessions

10am to 2.30pm

(2 places available)

Martha Bramwell

Coil Pots

Martha will be showing you a slightly different technique in ceramics by making coil pots and vases and planters.

Hour sessions: From 10am to 3pm

Arabella Walker

Wire and Bead Trees

Arabella will provide everything you need to make beautiful wire trees. She’ll guide you through the techniques she uses to make these incredibly popular trinkets from her exhibit at the ‘Young Contemporaries 2019’ show in May.

Hour sessions: From 10am to 3pm

Deb Langner ‘Drawn and Fired’

Piggy Banks

Deb will be helping you to make ceramic, animal money banks; either piggy banks, or a different animal, if you choose to! There will be a choice of white gloss glaze or transparent gloss glaze.

Hour sessions: From 10am to 3pm

Sombrero Printmaking - Lino Printed Cards

Sombrero Printmaking

Dave from Sombrero Printmaking will be guiding you through the process of lino printing. He said participants of his workshop will be able to “design, carve and print a design (approximately 5x5 inches) which you'll be able to re-use afterwards. You'll be able to print it onto cards or paper at home.”

90 minute sessions:  10am to 3pm. Petitbooche

Felt Wall Banners


Make your very own summer-themed felt pennant banner to brighten up your home. Choice of designs and both sewn and glued options available. Jonathan of Petitbooche says, “This workshop is suitable for both littles and bigs alike, but all littles must have a big with them!”

Hour sessions: From 10am to 3pm


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